Does the amount of water mater in iontophoresis?


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When I first began my iontophoresis treatment for my hands I used just enough water to submerge my hands but my finger tips were always still sweaty because the water did not reach it. After two or three weeks I stopped sweating, but my finger tips did not and that did not bother me too much because it was a small surface area. I eventually stopped for 6 months just because it was too tedious and recently started doing the treatment again. This time I put twice the amount of water, with salt, so my hands would be fully emerged but it seems like it has not been as effective as the first time. Does the amount of water you put matter in the effectiveness? Also, this is a homemade iontophoresis device with two aluminum pans and I use two 12 volt and one 6 volt batteries for a total of 30 volts which I can tolerate. Does anyone think the voltage might be too high to negatively impact health?


Hey Nevpal, from my experience I can tell the amount of water matters, my case is a little bit weird though. I have to cover the areas that sweat in order to see results. When I achieved dryness on the upper side of my hands, my palms were still sweaty and of course my fingertips aswell although I had them well covered by water. It seems you need to feel this itchy sensation on the affected areas to be sure that ionto is working.

I'm working with a homemade device too, but I had to get an adjustable laptop power supply to increase volts. Now I don't see succesful results living in my country, but I haven't needed ionto since I changed country temporarely (yet I notice I sweat as always if I exercise). So it seems results vary from stress, altitude, health issues, etc.

I don't think 30 volts is too high but it depends on your body resistance and stuff (I wouldn't try more than that but that's just me) if you can tolerate them well, keep going. Nevertheless, you can try using lower voltage if you don't feel safe, it might do the job slower. What I've noticed is I had to increase volts increasingly because ionto wasn't working properly after some time. Ionto surely is an enigma to get it working correctly.
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In my personal experience the amount of water used has little relevance. If you believe that less water works better for you then try wearing cotton gloves on your hands and this will give you complete coverage.


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In my personal experience with embarassing sweating I find the best way to stop problem and I can say that the ions is super effective. With my device i'm not together too much but I have some experience with treatment of hyperhidrosis. Every person is individual which means that it is neccesary to try this metod and find out if the iontophoresis is good for him/her or not. In my case, this is perfect method of stop sweating. The therapy is the most intense on the water surface and the amount of water mater for palms treatment. When you treat other body areas along with the adapters, the motto is - "more wet, better results" - its the same with the palms - "more water in the containers , more palms area is submerged - better results". Also, the power matter in the treatment. Necessary is using a comfortable power . You don't have to use a large value.