Does Depression Feel Worse To You After....


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Does depression feel worse to you after it's been gone for a while and comes back? Since I started taking Abilify over two years ago, I've rarely faced depression. But once in a while, about once every 9-12 months, it starts wearing off and the depression comes back. In all honesty, it's NOT usually as bad as it used to be before the med, but it FEELS like it is because I'm not used to depression anymore.

So, does anyone else have the experience of their depression feeling worse than it is because they were so used to feeling pretty good/decent?


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I find depression feels a lot worse when you dwell on it or think about it. Whenever I'm reminded of my depression, that disabling feeling comes back. When I'm distracted it's not so bad.
Go to a hospital which has a great psych unit and get professional help. Your physician will put you on medicines that should reduce or even eliminate the feelings you have. Don't be scared of medications. They're only harmful when they're abused. The first time round, what the doctor gives you might not work. Then go back, simply tell him, and he'll put you upon something else. There's no shame within depression. It's an illness, but it is plain stupidity not to get treated.