Do you get chiropractic? Has it helped your HH?


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Hi all,

I'm just curious whether anyone here goes to a chiropractor. I have had two adjustments in the last two weeks to help me with shoulder pain (I apparently don't have a curve in my neck, and sitting at a computer hours every day does a number on my shoulder muscles - they are like rocks). I had the first one more than two weeks ago, and even though I ran out of glycopyrrolate 5 days ago and haven't done iontophoresis in two weeks, I haven't been sweating at all. It's really weird, as it's the hottest time of the year, and normally I'd be sweating like crazy without either ionto or glyco.

I'm not suggesting chiropractic as a cure for two reasons: 1. I've only had two adjustments, and so I'd have to continue to see whether this is really doing anything or it's just some strange coincidence, and 2. after the second neck adjustment, I had crazy dizzy spells and some disorientation, seriously freaking me out about the stroke risk of neck adjustments. If I let him adjust me again, I'm nixing neck adjustments for sure.

But, I was just wondering if anyone else does chiropractic, and whether it does/does not help your HH.


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Unless ones HH is related to some structural problem I can't imagine how chiropractic care can help. I don't remember reading any posts or any reference anywhere that gives chiropractic care as an option.


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Just curious about the shoulder pain, where is it exactly and when does it happen. Personally I find that whenever I play sports intensively, my right shoulder 'locks up' and feels very uncomfortable for a feels like the pain is mostly situated where the collar bone reaches the neck area but eminates throughout the shoulder region.

Then when I keep going and push through the pain, it disappears.

I also frequently 'enjoy' a 'stiff neck' not related to sports and lower back pain but I always figured it is just a result of my length or maybe ankylosing spondylitis (cause of the connection to sweating) but then there's no real treatment for that.


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As for a mechanism as to how chiropractic might help, I don't know exactly but I could make some speculations.

I know hyperhidrosis is tied to activity of the autonomic nervous system, specifically the sympathetic nervous system, which of course runs up and down the spine. My understanding is that hyperhidrosis may be caused (at least in some people) by faulty communication between the CNS and the ganglion. If the communication is hampered by structural issues, then I suppose it's possible that better alignment via chiropractic could allow the proper communication between the CNS and the ganglion to occur, reducing hyperhidrosis. But, my understanding of physiology is lacking, so I don't know if that's actually possible or not.

Now, if it's an issue between the periphery and the ganglion rather than a CNS-ganglion issue, then yeah, I don't see chiropractic helping much.

As for me, I had my third adjustment, and today my hands are dry. I took three glyco yesterday so it could just be that the glyco is still in my system. If I don't sweat tomorrow or Sunday, then I'll be convinced that this chiropractic might actually be doing something.
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Jezza, my shoulder pain is usually in between my shoulder blades, and I think it's from sitting at a desk for a long time without the proper posture. I sometimes have pain in my right shoulder after doing a lot of strenuous activity like lifting, I have no idea why that happens, but it feels more like nerve pain and doesn't go away if I push through it.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to continue the chiropractic, its only actual benefit seems to be the possibility that it's helping my hyperhidrosis, but if turns out not helping I will stop. But, I'm definitely going to go to a physical therapist. My best friend is a PT and she recommended I find someone who does manual therapy. She also knows my posture so she's going to send me some exercises to do to help with the postural issue.