So I am sure this thread is redundant to most, in the fact that it is something that troubles many of us. But I need to write something.

So I recently started a new class on campus. And though this might seem to the be the issue, it isn't. The issue is that there is a girl in the class that I would love to talk to but I have no ability to. For days now I keep telling myself I will just say something, but every time I think to do it, I freak. It doesn't help that at 24 I have no experience what so ever in talking to the opposite sex let alone anything else.

First off I know she has a facebook, but from experience, trying to talk to someone on there that is in a class that you haven't talked to in person, bad bad idea. I looked it up to see if I could find if she was single. Sadly I can't tell. Being who I am I would love it if I could start a conversation via something like facebook, but as I said that normally isn't right. The class itself doesn't offer any real opportunity to talk either, being it is pure lecture.

It is killing me once again that I can't do something that should be so simple.

I know the typical things that will be said, and I understand all those points. I am posting as a way to express my sorrow, but if you would like to respond, then do, though once again I doubt I haven't heard it before.


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ok since you are both in the same lecture that gives you an opener . just casually , and i mean relax and chill :) , go up to her and just ask her something to do with what you are covering in lectures or even just make a statement to do with it . preferably when she isnt talking to people . if you have never spoken introduce yourself , then once you have spoken to her at least once add her on facebook a few days later or something . hope i helped .