Cuts in my feet


I am using the Idromed machine for couple of years.
Lately, I have problems using it.
I get cuts from the current so I have to rub nivea cream.
It helps, but not completely.
I will be thankful to hear if you have similar problem and what you do,
maybe you have another solution.



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What you mean by cuts from the current? Do you mean your skin cracks because of high dryness. If it is that, then you should use some cream during the day to moisten, or try vaseline just on the cracks during the treatment. That's how I manage. Hope I was helpful.


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Since I manage to acquire cuts easily, Vaseline on the wound does wonders. I've been doing ionto for 5 years, never got cuts from the current. Sounds like your feet are way too dry.
i get cuts between my fingers, i dont usually use brand named products, but this stuff really works for me :)

i always use unsented stuff


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i get cracks/cuts on my feet from being overdry from both sweating so much and USED to using a homemade ionto. Use lotion wen u go to sleep and rub vaseline on the cuts/cracks wen u dip your feet in the ionto water... might look oily in the water but the current wont sting your feet


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I'm just curious, which idromed machine do you use? is it the PS(pulsed one). Since I have switched to the Idromed PS from the Drionic I haven't had to use any vaseline or such.
Well, I feel better, but my feet are not 100% dry.
I thought maybe I will try Dehydral. (And off course continue with the Ionto)
What do you think ?
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