Covering feet when using Ionotphoresis


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Hi, just a quick question.

Has anyone discovered a method for covering all of their feet whilst using their machine?

I currently put two wet clothes on each foot, with no great success. I was wondering if a very light soaked sock could be worn to ensure full coverage.



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I'm a little bit confused about the question. Normally with iontophoresis, you fill the tray with water so if you fill it high enough, it should be able to cover your whole foot.


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Thick cotton high socks will do the trick. As long as the socks wick up the water there will be complete coverage. Saves on water if you are using low trays.


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J4812 - The tray for my Idromed is not deep enough to fully cover my feet, having high arches probably doesn't help. I've never filled the trays over half way. Water would probably go everywhere if I did.

Sprawling Thanks for that. I had initially thought of using those thinner sports ankle socks but will look at your suggestion.


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If you use a larger towel, you can plant your feet on top of the towel and then drape the rest of the wet towel over your feet. The current will travel through the wet towel and the current will flow to whatever area of your feet is in contact with the towel.


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Socks for ionto treatment? Really? I think it is not good idea. I treated my feet with other device and I used bigger containers ( my foot is very large). Currently I have good results, my feet is dry on the whole area.