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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I thought that this place would suit it the most... :D
What kinds of problems do you guys have with it? To be honest, I had really high confidence... Before puberty LOL
I'm mostly a loner at school, but you could argue I have a somewhat active social life. Plus I have a girlfriend he treats me amazingly. But I just feel like I've never, or will never be, a priority to anyone. I'm not even a priority to my own family. Or most of my friends (maybe like one actually gives a **** about my life. But she has been answering texts very often for some reason).
I mean, I catch people staring at me every now and the, and I get lots of compliments from my love, and occasionally a friend. Even with those, though... I feel like I'll never amount to anything, or be good enough for anything or anyone. I feel like I don't have a single redeeming quality or talent.
Even with my girlfriend. I mean, she hasn't done anything to make me feel like that - don't get me wrong; our relationship is great atm - but it's just this mindset I'm in. Even when she tells me she loves me, tells me that I am a priority to her, or even that I'm her dream mate. I just can't help but being insecure about myself. She does give me some confidence though... I think it's because of her that my confidence is no longer completely on the floor. I mean, it's a tad better, but it's still terrible.
But I keep thinking that she'll just get bored of me or find someone else, like all my other ex's. The problem is, I actually do love her. And if she did eventually dump me, I'd probably go back to my whole cutting/smoking routine.
Idunno, I guess this is just me rambling on about unrelated stuff. So, what do you guys think? Do you have selfconfidence?


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Anxiety disorders stem from nothing more than out irrational beliefs and our negative thoughts about ourselves. We have been conditioned to think this way through years of negative conditioning. Only way to fix it is CBT.