Caring about things that shouldn't even matter


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Lol, this is REALLY embarassing.

A guy from some forum I frequent occasionally added me on MSN some time ago. As I was importing my contacts onto my other MSN account, I realised that he blocked me. I don't know why, but it hurts, lol. I didn't get to know him much and I don't really care for him or care to talk to him again, it's just that it makes me wonder if I really come off as too weird and unlikeable to most people, and am I always going to be not good enough for anybody?

He did tell me a few times that he found me really weird. I don't remember saying anything that might've offended him... it's more like he offended me by calling me weird. I don't know why I'm so bothered by it. I only talked to this guy a few times. It's not like I considered him a friend or anything. I want to ask him why but feel too awkward and embarassed to... I mean, why would anyone want to tell you why they blocked you? And besides, I'm not even sure if he knows it's me, lol. Whatever! Screw him, he doesn't know me, it shouldn't matter at all! :mad: ugh.

I find that I often care about stupid little stuff like this. Yesterday, it was something else. Now, today, this...
well, it's minor compared to yesterday's (which is a whole nother story) but it's killing me all the same. Okay, maybe not to the point of leading to an emotional breakdown, but its still gotten me more depressed than ever. I feel stupid for caring about something that shouldn't have even been an issue in the first place, lol. It's draining all my energy away, I can't concentrate on anything else right now LOL. I know I'm over-reacting big time. I wish I could just take things more lightly and stop being such a ridiculous crybaby over everything. :eek:


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Did he ever flirt with you?

If he did and you didn't respond receptively, that might have pissed him off. Some guys have zero tolerance for what they interpret as being "rejected."

If that's the case, he's probably a second-rate kind of person anyway, and he more than likely actually did you a favor by blocking you.


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Hi there. I would assume that being blocked (even though he wasn't much of a friend anyways) would feel a little like being rejected. To add insult to injury, this is someone you didn't really think that highly of.

I would be hurt, offended, bothered too. I think most people would.

Now just on a side note. I often block people on my MSN even my friends. Especially if I'm working and can't take time to answer 101 messages. Sometimes I keep MSN on because I really need to speak with 2 or 3 people, so if I see someone that likes to chat a lot log on, I will block them so they can't see that I'm online.

I'm usually very good at unblocking people, but I will admit I've forgotten to unblock a few people now, and have been called on it. So it could very well be that he didn't mean to block you forever, and simply forgot to unblock you.