Can depression cause AvPD symptoms?


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Ok today I saw a psycologist for the first time before that I had looked all over the Internet As to why I had so much trouble in social situations like why I would rather be lonely then risk being rejected by talking to someone or why I found it so difficult to speak to people and why it feels like I have no social skills whatsoever. It was through the Internet that I learned that this thing that had been holding me back had a name and that was avoidant personality disorder I was never diagnosed with it but it truly made the most sense to me it felt like I finally found the truth in the darkness I also have major drepession. As today I went to a psycologist and this lady told me that all I had was depression and that AvPD is just a symptom of the depression I had alwasy thought it was the other way around. Was I wrong Is AvPD a symptom of depression or is she confused?


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Depression can cause a lot of people to take on symptoms of AvPD, but that certainly isn't the reason everyone has AvPD. I've been avoidant my whole life, long before I ever felt depressed, & even after I started a medication that basically made the depression leave completely for over a year, I was still very avoidant. If your AvPD symptoms started around the time your depression started, there may very well be a link, but if your AvPD symptoms have always been there, despite how good you felt, the two probably have nothing to do with one another. That's how it is with me.