Bristol/ Bath UK looking for new friends


Hi everyone

I'm looking for new friends in Bristol/ Bath UK or anywhere fairly nearby.

About me: I'm a 26 year old male from Bristol. I work as an ecological consultant which is quite an interesting job, or at least I think it is, it certainly puts me in contact with lots of cool animals so if you like getting pics of cute dormice and newts etc I'm your guy interests include natural history, videogames, kayaking, books, film, TV, snails. I can take an interest in most things really though. We can chat about anything, we can just talk small about how our day has gone or big about the serious questions like the meaning of life and did I really see a UFO hovering over Rugeley last night....

About you: I only really have two things I care about. That you are a similar age maybe give or take 5, 6, 7 years and that you are willing to meet up one day, talking online is fun but I want to push myself.

I look forward to hearing from you