"Brace Yourselves" by me


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they're crazy, their minds are like puddles of space
my fake smile is fading, it slides off my face
his eyes shine vacantly, not giving way
to complexities i analyze every day
they're perfectly happy to let themselves go
ignore every problem, they try hard to show
they're secure, but really they're not when they speak
cuz everything strong said makes them feel weak
entwined in the comfort of each other's stare
the world could burn down and neither would care
broken hearts land in the nets of their gaze
her thoughts reach the outskirts, spinning through haze
they have passion for things almost everyone hates
they fuck every night to the tune of Tom Waits
incredibly they're dancing under the moon
not feeling the cold from their bittersweet doom
creeping upon them to make their lies true
they're both just crazy, i wish i was too.


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sleepysparrow said:
These lyrics are really great! Is this a song you wrote?

Thanks :oops:

Yeah, it was going to be a song. I tried to come up with music that fit but I couldn't find anything that felt right. So I guess it's a poem now.