Booking an appointment with a doctor makes me anxious

Sorry this sounds silly, but everytime I plan to book an appointment with my gp I feel anxious, I feel like I'm wasting their time or just over reacting to my symptoms.

Waiting to go to the appointment to sitting in the wating room drives me to full anxiety. I don't know why, I been there lots of times. Worse if it takes days or a week.

I read something online lately that anxiety and depression causes many symptoms that are more than just feeling anxious.

But I constantly feel there's something else.

My feelings are mild, worse during middle of the day until night, on and off, so its always difficult to decide if I should book an apoountment. Because if the symptom dissapears, there's nothing to feel or explain.

Like my nasal and head problems, sometimes it blocks, I get pressure above my nose. Had nasal sprays for it, they didn't work.

I been getting pibs and needles feeling in my hands and feet, my back hurts, feels tight and clicks, and my lips twitches sometimes.

Had a doctor to check it out, she did a physical exam, said nothng she could do, it's alright.

I still don't feel any better, had a sharp pain in my lower back last week.

Same with my lower left side and groin, she couldn't find much wrong after a physical exam, normal urine and blood tests.

Now I'm anxious I have MS, because everytime I search about multiple symptoms I get, MS pops up, I feel sometimes, what's the pount anymore, I am tired of feeling like this. Clumsy, numb, feeling anxious to every symptom, like the volume going off and light headed.

Before I was anxious about a thyroid disorder my blood tests show my thyroid is fine.
Am I just imagining this, I don't know, I tried ignoring it for a while now, ignoring it doesn't work, I try gocusing on treating anxiety but it won't go away. :(