body dysmorphic disorder

hello everyone,

sorry because this is slightly off topic, but i was wondering if anyone suffered from this, i understand that people who have social phobia can also have problems with body dysmorphic disorder. it's a condition where you obsess about your appearence and constantly find fault in it. bye


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Yep, I suffer fom BDD, it started when i was 13 and bullied at school for being ' so damn ugly'. That led to me not socialising then that in turn led to full blown socialphobia. I spent much of my teens locked in my bedroom.
I still think I am ugly and hate what I see in the mirror but I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that I aint going to change so now I'm trying to get on with life. I have a Fiance who is a great help, tells me i'm pretty and all that and even though I believe he thinks I'm pretty, i cannot accept it myself.
So, what about you, do you also suffer from BDD???
I also think I suffer from BDD because I hate the way I look and people have called me ugly. My friends say I am beautiful but I can't believe them because I think they are just being nice. I sometimes feel like punching the reflection in my mirror...I wish I weren't so ugly
I too feel very ugly when I look in the mirror. Especially when all I see on TV is drop dead gorgeous girls who are flawless. And it didn't help much either when my ex wouldn't go anywhere with me because he was ashamed of me. :(


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Well then Blaquegirl I can say in all honesty that your not in the least bit ugly, Your really pretty and you have a great smile... OMG, how could your ex have been such a prat. GEEZ, anyways, your better off without him, your too good for the likes of him![/u]
Thanks Lil Miss for the kind words. I know I'm not the ugliest person in the world, but there is still so much I hate about my looks. I guess it's because I rarely get told that I'm pretty. But thanks for telling me. It really made me smile! :D


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Hi Lil' Miss T!

Sorry for what you have gone through. Once they have picked you up for bullying, they might have stretched a flaw, claiming that you were so ugly while in fact you were just another girl. Obviously, I have no way to check whether this is the case. A further remark is that during teens you change, so your looks might have been improved (for example, if this concerns being over- or underweight, or skin issues). Not to mention that men themselves have different tastes. Bottom line is that since one of them finds you pretty, you actually are, at least for some.



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Hi Blaquegirl!

You are really beautiful! Unless there are flaws not shown in the pic,
I can't really see anything wrong. So, cheer up!

Best wishes,
Yes, I suffer from quite severe BDD and have made a few attempts on my life because of it, but i think i am learning to cope with it better as i get older. It's one hell of a bitch to live with tho :(


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Im a noob in this forum after reading posts round here for a while I decided to post. i too struggle with my appearance and really hate the way that I look. I gained a lot of weight when I got depressed at age 16 or so which hasnt helped at all but also hate my height, facial features etc.

I refuse to cut my hair, partially because I cant cope with 15 minutes of being in a hairdressing shop and partially because I prefer having a blanket of hair covering my eyes. Im 22 and live at home and when my parents ask why have the fringe so long I tell them that the Monkees and Beatles had long fringes too and noone complained. But the truth is that I hate the way I look.

I feel weird for thinking thisway because I am a guy and the media often talks about females that struggle with various image related disorders but the truth is that this guy at least struggles with it too.



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gforce7 said:
Yes, I suffer from quite severe BDD and have made a few attempts on my life because of it, but i think i am learning to cope with it better as i get older. It's one hell of a bitch to live with tho :(
mine's pretty severe too, i think about it all the time, driving me nuts. I've tried suicide, but mum found me before its too late. since then i've thought about doin it again, but somehow i held back. Great for you that ur coping with it, i'm running around in circles and ending up at square one. yea, bitch doesn't begin to describe it.


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WOW i didnt realize they had a name for it either!! I think one of my best friends has this.

In so many pictures weve taken together shes looking away. And im like "katie, why werent you looking at the camera!" shes like, "i dont know...' but now i realize its because everytime theres been a mirror right there. EVERY where we go shes looks at windows, in mirrors. I wouldnt worry so much b/c some ppl do that, and at first I made fun of her. Iwas like "I know your vain, but quit checking yourself out!!"

I found out later on that she had an eating disorder a while back. And i think its kindof recurring. When Im with her shes eats like a LOT. And junk food. Im sure when people arent around she never eats. She always tells her mom she ate with friends when really she didnt.

When we shop...she always brings up how she has boobs. And she knows im flatter than her! it really annoys me, but i know now its because SHE really has an issue with herself, and it wasnt really about me.

She always has to have not tight fitting clothes. But she CANT ever wear loose clothes. she says she looks fat.

I dont know how to help her with this, or even tell her she has it. WHat do you do?


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Hey, im pretty confused about weather I have BDD i am obsessed with my looks whenever I go to the toilet anywhere (uni,resturant,club) I have to check in the mirror at my appearence I think i maybe do it to reasure myself.
I seemed to spend quite a while on my appearence and if my hairs not right or im not wearing the clothes I think i feel the most confortable in it it puts me in a mood and makes me down. is this BDD or OCD or am i just vain?



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Much sympathy and co-suffering with all of you have anxiety and distress about your appearance. I wish I could be where you are and tell you that you look exactly like you ought to in order to be you and not someone else. Let me just tell you that if you are a girl and have boobs of whatever size, I would probably be stuck on you like a bee to honey.