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Do people notice when it is your birthday? No one notices mine. Through the years, I have grown accustomed to this, but I still can't entirely accept it. I keep thinking that someday people will notice and care, but that never seems to happen.


You gotta smack some sense into the people around you man! If you are on Facebook would be hard for some people not to say something. I have people on FB i dont talk to all year then say Happy B-day to me i hate makes me wanna delete my FB page lol.


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You can always say something like "Hey it's my b-day coming up, wanna do something/hang out?" or on fb there are birthday notifications to tell others that your birthday is coming up. Orrr you could throw in hints like "What should I do for my birthday?" "Man, I'm gonna be another year older soon..." or "You're not going to forget my birthday AGAIN this time, right?" :p hehe