Beyond bizarre

I want to talk about this weird occurrence that happen to me. I was talking to a person I just met about my obsession with symbols/signs and my belief that everything happens for a reason. I'm interested in numerology and I like to "read" numbers. He asked me if I saw meaning in other things as well. He asked if if I found meaning in animals. I said I did. He then said well what would happen if your boyfriend came over and you felt depressed about how things were going and before he left a black dog wondered in your back yard. What would that mean to you? I then said well, it wouldn't happen because none of my neighbors have black dogs and I live in a very small neighborhood, but if it did I would interpret it as bad. It's not that I think black dogs are bad, it's that the occurrence of seeing a random black dog right after an event could be interpreted as bad because in dreams dogs symbolically represent your most trusted friends that would never leave your side. However black symbolizes death, dark energy, or depression. Well two weeks after we had this discussion I am hanging out with my boyfriend and I feel deeply depressed over the relationship. When he goes to leave my house, I look out the window and guess what I see...a black dog.


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You've sub consciously told the universe to give it to you! :p
Just kidding, that doesn't sound so good, I hope you feel better soon, as for the black dog, I know you think of it as a bad sign but try not to let these things weigh you down, at the end of the day it could just be a coincidence and theres no way you will ever know.