BDD - Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Social Phobia together..

Do you have Body Dysmorphic Disorder too?

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Trying to deal with being able to feel comfortable when going out. Bdd makes it hard because you constantly are thinking about your image and feel inferior to everyone - comparing yourself and feeling entirely inadequate. Getting up in the morning is a big struggle - not that you don't want to- you really do but to face your image in the mirror is really frightening and for others to see you like that - esp if you live with someone of the opposite sex apart from your family.

To get dressed , to face your image and cry over and over because you look so terrible and then to see the time flies by and that you are very late to what ever you were to go to .. and just end up in a mess of desperattion on the floor feeling intense despair.. crying your eyes out until you can't no more.

To join something, o be part of society you are faced with intense negative feelings of having to be around others you feel so inferior to and having to be able to take intiative and be sociable when all you feel like and want to do is crawl up in a ball and hide yourself from the world.


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I have dropped out of college over my face. I am a 9.5 or 10 from a distance, but a 2 upclose. I am constantly told this and so I quit school so I don't have to leave the house.


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there is going to be a show on body dysmorphic disorder on dr phil tonight at 8. just fyi, i accidentally voted "no" above (clicked the wrong one) and then voted correctly with "yes."


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Ill have to see that Dr Phil, thnx.

No i not on any medication - i dont believe in it - not for me anyway- once i took it for a year and ended up a size 18 with bipolar traights and lots of health problems.

I have had negative comments about my image and other things recently and to make matters worse it was from a guy i live with who only cant help but be his honest true self - he likes to help etc..

But coming from someone who has lived in seclusion with bd and social phobia, out of society, living with my parents and having hardly any contact esp being to scared around the opposite sex - being way too self concious..
i am highly sensitive to anything that comes out of my friend's mouth.

Having an image problem- when i try tp think positive all i get is the negative comments that were once said to me and because i live with this guy ( who is very kind by the way) it just re-enters my head over and over.. every time i try to pick myself up..

Going outside to face the day and i see all these beautiful people - i dont know if i can take being around a guy because if i put image and all of that attractivness / looking for a partner et away again as a way of coping it isn't going to work beacuse he is always going to point out the beautiful women and i am always going to feel ugly esp around him.


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I've never felt that badly about my image, but I've definitely felt the same way about my personality or presence at times in the past. The one thing that you'll soon realize is that it's just an illusion. People end up seeing more of that which they want to see; meaning you only think people perceive you as inferior, when really it's just your own beliefs - and nothing more. And good thing these beliefs can't kill... or I'd have been long gone by now!

The one thing our so-called 'Conditions' have in common, is the feelings of inadequacy. So what can you do? Accept yourself for the person you are, not the person you think others might like you to be. Besides, it's your life. Do what you want to with it, and don't let some silly obstacle get in your way! You're worth way more than that ;)
Wow I'd definitely get diagnosed with this one too. Add another label to me, but what does that do? I'm not likely to overcome it and I'm not likely to live a normal life because of it. I'm honestly legally disabled from it. The world is a harsh place for me these days. If it doesn't improve soon I might just have to say goodbye. That's just where I'm at....I'm fucked basically... Dead to the world, wasted life...Might as well finish it off.



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most people have a sense of something they like about their own appearance, to be able to look in the mirror in the morning..

i did have that until i became flat with too many negative comments from a male friend... and the worst thing is that it is not that he is mean or a terrible person - it is just that he thinks differently to me and cant help place his opinions or judgements on others most of the time- although he tries really hard too-

All these judgements about my body image and other stuff just keep revolving in my head where ever i go- i cant get them out.. and to be compared to other women as the lesser half .. i feel so selfish in this thinking- i want it to be all taken back - to be resolved but it never will..

i cant hear anything good because there have been too many bad stuff - and i wonder if i even glorify it all and misconcept things?


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No I do not think I have that disorder but I am glad you started the post. I realy think we need a special area on this site for it. Many members on this site seem to fit the profile.


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ive wondered if i have BDD for a long time.

I have OCD and social phobia, and recently Ive been noticing hints of depression, particularly during the winter (indicating SAD - i also live in a place where winters are dark and cold)

anyway, i look much younger than i actually am and I am constantly worried that people are tihnking this about me and judging me for it, not taking me seriously because i look young. Whenever i talk to people, I am preoccupied with the worry that they are looking at the parts of my face and body that make me look young. I frequently go through style changes and check myself in the mirror to make sure I dont look too young. I also need to drink heavily to go out to parties and have fun, and if I am not drunk enough I get very depressed and go home to drink more.

other times, I avoid the mirror because I know I will obsess about my image

Ive heard of people smashing their nose in with a hammer because of BDD, and I am not nearly this serious about it, but I was wondering if anybody here thinks I have it?
I've never been told I'm unattractive by anyone, and yet for some reason that is my biggest fear. That one day, some person will say 'You're ugly!'. I feel as though everyone that looks at me is judging me based on my looks. I constantly look in reflective surfaces b/c I'm obsessed with what my hair and face look like. People tell me I'm good-looking, but to me they are either lying or being polite. Nobody knows how I feel becasue I pretty much fake what I think about myself on the outside, to mask what I'm really thinking about myself on the inside.