Bay area gathering: July 12th

Sorry for posting this with so little notice, but I'd expected responses from another social anxiety forum (guess I underestimated my ability to repulse) and there doesn't seem to be much of a bay area population here. But anyhow, to quote what I posted over there...

One of my favorite spots that I see too rarely is Point Bonita, in the Marin Headlands just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. I'd like to go back again this summer, and it seems ideal for making it into an SA gathering: pretty stuff to look at and walk to so that silences are less awkward, wide open spaces to run away into, and plenty of stuff to hide behind too.

I assume most people are only available weekends, so let's try Sunday July 12th at 12:40 PM. We can meet at the start of the path to the lighthouse, since that's easily recognizable and next to parking. If that lot is full (not sure how busy weekends get since I tend to go during the week), I think the visitor center would be the backup parking lot and you can walk the half mile from there.

Available activities: hiking, seal-watching (they're often piled on the rocks soaking up the sun), enjoying fantastic scenery, enjoying the beach and ocean, musing over abandoned structures, touring the lighthouse. If you want to swim in the ocean, feel free, though for the protection of all eyeballs I won't.

Attached a few photos at the bottom to entice you. If that's not enough, here's the brochure.

Your special discount price for the fabulous vacation package: free. At least as of when I was there in 2007, there's no entry fee and no parking fee. Possible there might be a fee for the lighthouse (I can't recall if I've been in it, I normally miss it because it has such narrow visiting hours), but I doubt it and that's easily skipped if you like.

Fitness Requirements

There's nothing remotely grueling, but you should be prepared to walk a leisurely several miles with plenty of stops.

Subject Matter

Undefined. If you want to talk about SA, feel free. If you just want to get out and feel human for an afternoon, feel free.


If you don't have a car, S.F. muni route 76 goes there on Sundays. From Sacramento, you could take capitol corridor amtrak to connect to S.F. muni though that would get rather expensive. Looks like the bus drops off at Fort Cronkhite, which is a good part of a mile away, but I've set the time so you should be able to get to the lighthouse path not too late if you arrive on the 12:23 bus.

With a car, it's not far off 101... see Golden Gate National Recreational Area - Point Bonita Lighthouse (U.S. National Park Service) for exact directions.

More than likely nobody's coming, but that's alright, I can enjoy it myself.


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I'd go! I love Marin Headlands, and I only live about ten or twenty minutes from there! I'm actually in Alaska right now, though, and I'll be on an airplane from Anchorage, AK to San Francisco, CA at the time that this is held! Do you live in the bay area, Hoth? If so, what area?
I live 30 miles east of Sacramento, in the sierra foothills. (Of course, nobody online lives out here so the bay area is the closest I can expect.)

I had a week long school field trip at point bonita in elementary school, and my dad took me there a bunch of other times. I should diversify where I go a bit, but hey, there's something to be said for known quantities.