Are you too Shy to even Smile?


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I am really shy at the gym. I struggle to say hello to the receptionist, not because I am a snob, but because I am extremely shy.
I don't smile naturally...ever, so it's always forced and looks awful. I never expose my teeth either, it just looks atrocious (not my teeth...just my face in general). Nothing ever seems to come natural for me in social situations, so I come off showing a lack of emotion when in fact I'm a nervous wreck all the time, it's quite odd when I think about it.

Yeah, im the same, i dont show my teeth when i smile because im nervous and also because i dont have nice teeth.. the only place where people can see me acting all SA is public surrounding, so my work colleague notice this about me, and they all aware of my SA, because i cant seem to hide it, or act like im confident. i know my nervous smile can be taken the wrong way, such as i look unimpressed.

I am really shy at the gym. I struggle to say hello to the receptionist, not because I am a snob, but because I am extremely shy.

Yeah, i know what you mean.. my voice gets really low when i even ask for something in the shop .... they tell me to speak up, i cannot hear you.. or they make it sound like their problem and say, they have bad hearing ::eek::
I don't smile naturally ever either...I think it looks forced on me also and I don't like the way my face looks when I have to...I just don't look genuinely happy. I hate having others take pictures of me because they'll tell me to smile. I'm the same way, usually I wear a blank stare...I doubt that people can tell that I'm feeling an intense wave of anxiety.

Yeah, i cant really tell if someone who is pretty looking anxious or stuck up, unless they look like they tried.. i think they just anxious or shy.


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That's how I am too at the gym...the receptionist will say to hi to me and I try to speak up to say thank you or hi when she swipes my membership card and nothing comes out of my mouth.

I was able to usually do this going to gym; not always; but leaving I can never say goodbye. I try to smile. Always awkward. I've even planned my exits for when the front desk is busy or ppl are turned or not there. lol. Eh. Although these days I just go and let whatever happen happen. =/


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It seems a bit extreme, but I don't often smile because in the spare of the moment, without even thinking about it conciously, I always end up thinking: "Why do I have the right to smile?" If someone says something to the person next to me, what right do I have to find that funny when I wasn't even involved. It is arrogant and selfish to presume I am worthy to find that funny.
I know this looks stupid when reading it back, but it kinda makes sense. :')
Ah! I just had this happen. I went to the town & country, and there was this gorgeous guy in front of me, so he turned around and smiled and asked how I was. I got the flutters bad so I said with a strait face good( I did not sound nice at all ). So he turned back around. DAMNNNNNNN