Anyone wants to participate in a daily, 1 hour consultation with me?

I'm not sure if this is even allowed, if it's not, I highly respect the rules and conditions of this forum and I sincerely apologise to the admins. You're welcome to close this thread anytime.

My purpose of this thread is to look for someone who, just like me, has a short term goal and is striving to achieve it, albeit, finds it challenging on account of depression and is seeking consultation for emotional comfort and motivation.

The main objective is to have a one hour conversation with you, both of us talk about our goals and our struggles and we each provide with advice, and inspiring words for elevation of spirit to help each other through it. I pay attention to your problems provided that you also pay attention to mine and we both help each other through it.

Does it sound like something you might be interested in?
Hello SkepticMind,

I am not personally interested, but thank you very much for taking the initiative.

I guess many people would be too daunted.


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i can certainly do PM's with you if you need to talk. :)
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