Anxiety/ OCD meds


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Okay guys so I feel like I've tried every pill out there for my anxiety and OCD. I need some suggestions of some new ones, bc I'm looking for the perfect match!! lol

So far I've tried:

Zoloft- for 4 years... increased dosage then stopped working
Lexapro- caused severe nausea which triggered anxiety
Cymbalta- Lethergy
Prestiq- too expensive
Paxil- 5 years.. increased dosage and stopped working
Trileptal- worked great! but caused swelling in my face and hands
Vybril- SEVERE vomiting

I'm now on a extended release version of Trileptal but I haven't taken it yet.. in fear of the swelling.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to stay away from anything that causes weight gain too :)
Zoloft gave me panic attacks. Bad ones.
I'm on Seroquel right now (50 mg) and it's been making me so drowsy. I pretty much failed my chem test because of it. Sigh.
My psychiatrist put me on this to calm me down. Then he's going to give me Prozac.

I hate medication and I wish there was a different alternative. I think medication is damaging to my body and to my schoolwork.

Deep breathing is pretty effective. Close your eyes, Listen to slow music (I love Lana Del Rey for this) and breath in slowly (10 sec) then release slowly. Keep doing this for 5 minutes, roughly the time of an average song. Try to clear your mind while you do this, but if not, let the thoughts in. Don't force anything. Let your mind wander.

Hope you try this out. :)