Another Bexi Game


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Ok, how bout this for a game...U have to type 3 things/statements about urself, but two are lies and one is the truth and ppl gotta guess which ones TRUE!

But someone more interesting than me could start? :)


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Well i'm not more interesting but i'll start us off anyway.

1.) I have blue eyes

2.) I have 2.75 nephews and 2 nieces

3.) I short hair


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Whoops - i had it around the other way - 2 truth and 1 lie :roll:
I'll do better next time.


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1,i competed and won a triathalon for my school.

2,i walked 10 miles for no reason at all

3,i dived out of my house window(top 1) onto a bouncy castle


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I'll do it correctly this time.

I vote liberal

I love gravy

I have lived on top of a mountain

So where did your random walk take you Gav ?