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Motivation: Recovering from anxiety, depression, & drug addiction takes alot of practice (consistency). You literally have to see it as a VERY long term project of consistent PRACTICE and development in ONE relaxation techniques (tools) at a time without quitting too early and switching to another technique so quick. These techniques (tools) can be positive thinking, distractions, deep breathing, etc.

Relaxation techniques are similar to practicing skills such as art, sports, or growing a business etc. Each month you see good and little improvements. These techniques (tools) that you learn are like a mechanical tool (machine) that you built by practicing developing them little by little over long period of time. Imagine you quit too early and switch to another one, you're going to have to build new technique all over again with wasted months/years.

When using techniques little by little the the therapeutic effects grow. For a few of us sufferers positive effects come fast but i think for majority of us piratical development happen slow in small amounts over time. Majority of us sufferers try a relaxation technique and quit within months because the technique doesn't produce any therapeutic results. These long dry months/years where most of us quit trying to get better because subconsciously we think results should come fast.

I used to believe this too but from my experience and others people it takes months/years to get better. The rewards are beyond words. Improving a single technique takes month/years of practice & work. Remember, one technique at a time.

There were times in my life after many years, made massive breakthroughs and lived my dreams of freedom. But setbacks happen to everyone including me. If one bus breakdowns, another one arrives. Every month i improve a little bit. It's law of physics & mathematics the more you do, the more you improve. If you're still working or practicing on your anxiety and haven't quit, write down your monthly improvements because every month you'll be shocked to see yourself getting closer. Always hustle ;-)