Agoraphobia and human rights

Right, I'm on a bit of a rant... I have been agoraphobic for many years (although I can sometimes go out if accompanied) and over time have alienated everyone I know due to them not being there for me. I have absolutely no-one!! Over the years I have also developed a near-phobia of phones, I only get visits from workmen who have to do necessary gas or electric works and I visit no-one. (or very rarely if i'm desperate) I am really messed up, haven't had a doctor for years because I CAN'T go see one and no doctor will come to me. All my family, "friends" and neighbours know how I am, not one of them offer any help at all, unless I ask them and then pay them but obviously can't do this often due to not being able to pay all the time and also because I can't stand these people if they only do stuff if paid. This goes on & on but i'll try and get to the point..... I am very ill but feel like I am being left to just rot away - I want to die and just get it over with... IS IT NOT A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to be entitled to a doctors help? I know certain medications could help me, as thats been proved in the far past, but I have no access to any. I have been tempted lately to buy off the internet, which I know is stupid as you never know what you're actually getting but I'm desperate.... ok, end of rant for now
There are few doctors who will do work on the terms of the patient. Few to none. That definitely includes the inconvenience of visiting the patient. Why would they, when hundreds of patients are willing to go to them and wait hours in an office for the privilege?

1. The vast majority only really do it for the money.

2. A substantial majority have an ego the size of Jupiter, and expect everything to revolve around them. This is reinforced by the fact that it basically does.