Afraid of situations of closeness, intimacy and exposing myself


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Hi. I don't know if this happens to you but I find any situation which involves opening myself to other person, letting someone be too close to me (both physically and in a relationship) extremely unpleasant. I don't like those situations of intimacy in general and that includes letting other people know about my deepest feelings, or the way I relate to other people, for example I don't like my parents knowing about my friendships or the people I like. I don't know if this has to do with feeling things too much or something. But the feeling is so strong that I feel letting others be close to me that way is like a rape, like an abuse. I don't know why I feel that.


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My guess is you're afraid of being vulnerable, because it's easier to get hurt if you do. It's easy to feel that way, but it also means you'll miss out on a lot of different feelings and emotions that could make you feel more whole.