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  • Hi.Which techniques do you use to memorise information.I know there are different techniques plus people learn in different ways.
    Hi.I go through stages of playing video games.But thats not not often and I have not played them in long time.I have a playstation 1 with games like lemmings,Worms,F1 monoco similator,wipe out,a bike race game and some others.Im into watching F1 racing,Motor gp and premiere league football on tv.That has influenced the video games I like in some ways.
    Are you into sports or not.

    I love comedies and animated films.Recently I saw The Croods ,on dvd as well as The Lorax.Brillent films.I have enjoyed the Ice age films.What do you like about animated films.
    Hi.My family is a small one,but they are important to me.Its me,my brother and mum.Glad to hear yours came around to your vegetarian lifestyle in the end.Having your family behind you makes life less stressful in someways.Family pressures can make issues like anxiety worse.Does your family understand your anxiety issues or not.If you dont mind me asking.

    I play videogames occassionally.Mainly sportsgames and the less violent games.What games do you like and do you play games often.

    I like mainly animated films and comedies.But I will watch some sci fi,fantasy and other type of films if I like the story,cast.What are some of your favourite comedy films and do you like animation or not.
    Hi.How does your family feel about you being vegetarian.

    Im a big fan of animated films and comedies escpically .But if a film is low on violence and has a good story then I will give it a go.What about you.

    Some people can quite snobbish about food.But even a simple dish like bake beans and mash can be delious when cooked well and spices used.Not that a more challening dish to prepare can not be tasty too .I speaking more about pretensious overally elaborate food.
    Hi.For some a bowl of soup is comfort food.I food does not need to be full of fat to be comfort food.

    By the way,are you the own vegetarian in the family.

    Sometimes I fancy a takeaway.Then I might have one but I limit it to once a month.Money is tight for me since I only work part time so I can not waste my month on things that give a few minutes of pleasure.Takeaways often are expensive and often cheaper to cook it yourself.

    For me it takes more will power to resist chocalate since I have a sweet tooth. So I set a limit on how much I can have each week.

    Im a huge film fan but I dont often go to the cinema.I perfer to watch dvds or films on dvd.How about you.

    Thank for the recipe link.Alot of the dishes looked tasty.Which ones have you tried.
    Hi.To be honest I try to stay clear of fast food and takeaways due to all the fat etc.But Chinese and Indian menus seem to have quite a few vegetable based dishes.Offering a choice to vegetarians and others who like veg.

    Yes.If the chef has imagination then veggy dishes can be very tasty.Potatoes for example can be cooked in numerous ways.

    I know there are different kinds of vegeterians and vegans etc.Some dont eat any products containing eggs,animal fats etc.It must be tricky when it comes figuring which foods contain what.

    I like so many Queen and M Jackson songs its hard to choice favourites.Under pressure,one vision,Breakthrough,Show must go on,Inuendo.Man in the mirror,Thriller,Dirty Diana,Earth Song.
    Hi.Good luck with your next attempt to grow something.You mentioned liking lilies in a previous message.Maybe you could buy some bulbs and plant some in April.Im planning to plant my lilly bulbs I collected last year,when spring comes.

    Okay.I friend of my brother is a vegetarian.As vegetarian are you able to eat a big variety of different dishes or do you feel limited in your choices.I use indian spices in alot of my meals.

    I like some Beattles and Adele songs but Im more into rock music mainly plus some rnb and classical.I try to be open minded musically and in general.Rock is the main music I listen to though.Alterbridge,Creed,Feeder,Queen,Velvet Revolver etc.But I also listen to M Jackson,Prince and others.

    What are some of your favourite songs by The Beatles and other artists.
    Hi.For some reason the site would not allow me to send messages and kept showning an error messages.As a result my response to your message was delayed.

    I really like lilies too escpically the ones with a scent such as the Oriental lilies.Plants like lilies,Dahlias come in so many different shapes,colours.I love them and I try to grow different types each year.

    I hope you dont get discouraged from growing more plants due to your rose dying.It happens to most gardeners fairly reguraly and it has certainly happened to me.Plants die for all sorts of reasons and it might necessarily have been your fault.Diseases etc.

    Im an animal and plant lover and thats part of the reason why limit myself to types of meat I eat, plus too much animal fats are bad for you.I love vegetables such onions,potatoes,carrots etc and have them with most meals.

    What are some of your favourite meals to cook.
    Hi. I like quite a few plants such as Dahlias,Lilies and Fushias.Its hard to say what my favourite ones are.I actually grow quite a few plants at home in containers.Do you like gardening.I enjoy cooking and baking for myself.Actually the last few years I have stopped eating Pork,fish and recently lamb to cut back on meat.Food wise I enjoy chicken and a number of different types of veg and fruits. Do you enjoy cooking and do you cook reguraly.
    Hi.I have done courses in Gardening,cookery,Accounts etc.Im happy talking to three or four people because then it not too much anxiety wise.At the same time I do enjoy my own comedy and can amuse my self.Im not some one that always needs to be around people.How about you.

    There is a skill to being sociable that some people naturally have and others dont.But I think someone can learn to be more sociable.Thats what I have worked on over the last few years.Tips like being a better listener,asking more open ended questions,developing more interests that makes you more interesting and well rounded etc.

    Plus just because you believe something is so,does not mean its true.For example in regards to people not seeming interested in talking to you.I have found that paranoia and oversensitive can distort your preception of reality.
    Happy new year to you.Are there people on your computer course that speak to.I have done quite a few courses at college and elsewere as an adult and when I was below 18 years old.I enjoy learning new things but at times felt very uncomfortable around my class mates.But usually I found two or three people that I felt comfortable enough with to speak to reguraly.Sometimes Im more sociable than others though.How about you.
    Hello Rans :)

    I am glad to hear that you have been working on overcoming your negative thoughts. :)

    Actually, I also do find it tough. I have read in books stating that it can take months or even years to really overcome negativity. But the key is persistence and consistence. :)

    It does take time. The way is going slowly at a time. You can only chip off anxiety bit by bit and a day will come that you can totally overcome anxiety. So don't worry that its taking time :)

    Enjoyed to hear how you celebrated Christmas. For my family, we celebrate very simply. Cook a few dishes and cut the Christmas log cake.

    Yup having a pet will be very pleasant and nice. I do look forward to keeping a pet dog in the future.

    Hmm, I'm sad that Christmas is over because it means that holidays are over and school is going to start again. :( But, life has to go on.
    Hi.Are you happy xmas is over or not.I have mixed feelings about it,Fun in parts but stressful in others.Happy new year.
    Hi.Actually I already challenge my negative thinking and fight my natural tendency to think the worst in a situation.Its helped to reduce my paranoia but it takes quite a while to change patterns of behaviour I have used for years.Have you found it hard or not to do that.

    I did not recoganize the phrase you used to describe it.Different therapists call different techniques different things.Thanks anyway.I do keep a look out for tips etc to help with my anxiety and other issues.

    I spent xmas with my mum and brother and I helped with the cooking.It was not a bad day in the end actually and I enjoyed some of it.How was your xmas.

    To the answer your pet question.No I dont have any animal company do to not being allowed them were I live.If I could have an animal company then it would either be a dog or a cat because of their emotional intilligent and ability to be affectionate.
    Hi.I think you have posted a message to yourself by mistake.Error reading sounds interesting.What does it involve.

    Hope your having a decent xmas.
    Hello :) I hope you are coping better with anxiety now. :)

    My therapist taught me relaxation techniques, mind error reading (cognitive strategies) and exposure therapy.

    I find it quite helpful. :)

    Do you own any pets? :)
    Hi.I dont think I have SAD but I imagine it is tough having it.What kind of techniques does your therapist use.A few years back I saw a therapist about my anxiety for a couple of years.Quite useful in some ways and being able to talk things through was something I had not done with anyone before.
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