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  • I'm glad you agree
    I have nothing to talk about and I don't care enough about the olympics to complain about it!!!

    maybe I'll complain about YOU
    Eh the turtle likes his name very much. He's a happy little kitten joining a new family tm.I do miss him though. I think he didn't know he was a cat. He didn't act very catty. He loved our car journeys. (In our time together we went on about 4 roadtrips) and he sat their unrestrained purring the whole way. There was none of this the usual cat wandering under the break pedals driver shouting malarky. He loved the car
    Eh a bit late for that nemisis! The dye has been cast!

    Also in response to your request to acquire my little turtle NEVERRRRRRR......friend of mine has gone today to try get him back :D
    Thanks! I think I'll like it here. Hopefully I don't end up being one of the losers who like posts 3000 times in a few months though.
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