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    I found a permanent external treatment for hyperhidrosis.

    Very interesting..I remember trying a HH soap that kinda did something similar, dehydrate the ducts. Any progress on this @ophanim
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    I am a Study Patient of MiraDry for Hands

    Anyone has any updates on this? Side note- I just hope handshakes are banned post pandemic
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    glycopyrrolate dosage

    Hello Everyone, What is the max dose of glyco at one time? Doctor says limit 4 mg per day and was ok with me being at 2mg at a time and said I could do .5 more. So I took 2.5 mg first thing in the am and no food for next 3 hrs after that. It was ok but I am thinking adding more can help. Can I...
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    Glyco Iontophoresis

    What the best way make a glyco solution for iontophoresis? I tired dissolving tablets in water but they dont seem to dissolve, I see the white powdery stuff on top of water. I have prescription for glyco liquid but costing me $95 copay for 495 ml. (actual without copay cost ~700). Is there way...
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    Piracetam & Choline bitartrate together

    Anyone tried Piracetam & Choline bitartrate for anxiety and sweating issues? Are these safe or ok to use? I've seen posts claiming reduced/cured sweating by reducing anxiety. I'm cured! (my story and solution) - Excessive Sweating - ESFB Channel Community Curious to know ur thoughts.
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    Good news for palmo planter HH suffers

    Friends, I've been contacted for new microwave tech treatment for palms and feet. Similar to miradry for underarms. Hang in tight there and pray this treatment gets FDA approval soon.
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    Came across a NLP therapist UK seem claiming to help ppl with SAD

    I have social anxiety, palm sweating and stutter in social situations. Lately I've been doing great with worry and anxiety and symptoms seem to have subdued. Now, this picked my interest to get a NLP therapist help. Came across Laura Ciper who seem to have specialized in treating stutter and...
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    Success from only Ionto for palm sweating?

    Anyone here found success by using Ionto only? was it 100% relief from sweating? if not, how much? Did it make u sweat free in socail situations and in hot weather? Thanks in advance!
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    Palmo-plantar HH- Can Iontophoresis help?

    Hi Guys, I am 35 M, had HH since I was born. Got sick and tired of giving wet hand shakes and went with 50Us botox on each hand in July. It worked only 3-4 days but I would still sweat when its hot out or when body gets hot. Doctor upped the botox to 100u each hand in September. Luckily...