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  • I've only been here for about a month I believe. Although I post, wouldn't say I've been an old time, common username around here. Just trying to spend my time a little more wisely. Also yes, my energy does get zapped sometimes with all of the troubles posted here. You can try looking up some free things to do in your area (not sure where you're located or how bad your SA is). As for things in the house, try to base it off of your interest. Keep your mind occupied so you don't have much time to think. Cleaning, organizing, puzzles, knitting(i know guys don't necessarily do that), watching movies, learning something new, exercising. The possibilities are endless, and free time is a nice option to have. You mentioned not wanting to read novels. Perhaps you can read a self help book that may benefit you?
    Sorry I hadn't replied in a timely fashion to your request of things to do. I've been trying to spend less time on here. What do you enjoy doing for starters, and is there anything you're opposed to (like reading novels)?
    Jsyk, in order to post on my page (instead of your own, i won't see it) click on the view conversation link under my message and write one, then post. Test it out, let you know if it works.
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