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    Spiders (Off-Topic Phobias) How to deal with them?

    How would you get over your fear of them? If you wanted to throw them out but not kill them? I have no problem looking at them but I just do not want to touch them.
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    I am scared...

    There are several matters I wish to type but I just so feel terrified. I don't know what to do. Many times, I spend hours typing many words but later on I just change my mind before submitting a new thread. I have read the rules but what are some matters that people would not want to see, that...
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    Only friend in the world.

    People always made up stuff about me which is why I don't talk a lot today but my only best friend participating in mocking me with the rest? She spread dirty (18+) rumors/lies about me to the cool kids. She made fun of me and talked to me straight to my face about how she is always the main...
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    Hesitant & awkward introduction..

    Hello there, Many times I would look at the site and read what other people wrote but I would be too nervous to write anything even too the questions they ask in their own forums...but I might as well give it a small shot.... I am only going to say a few matters about why I am here though... I...