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  • Hi.For some reason the site would not allow me to send messages and kept showing an error message when I tried.That delayed my message to you.

    Im someone that likes regional accents such as those in Newcastle, Birmingham ,Wales,Ireland etc and there does not seem to much variety of accents on tv.The ones I do hear on tv mainly belong to comedians or sports people.There is alot of received english pronouciation on tv.Do you have any favourite accents.

    Most tv actors if lucky and talented enough might be in one huge hit but David Jason has been in a few.Open all hours,Only fools,Darling buds of may,Touch of frost.I also liked him in Dangermouse.Im a big fan of animation.

    Ted Dansen was also in another show called Becker that I really liked.How do you feel about comedy characters that are stupid like Coach,Woody,Joey from Friends etc.
    Hi.I do find myself irritated in general by different noises made by people,objects,animals etc.I have noise sensitivity but I try to accept that lots of objects etc make noise and its what they do.It helps.But like you I do find chewing noises irritating escpically when the person does not close their mouth or eats and speaks at the same time.

    Its amazing though how many objects,equipments do make a sound due to design whst they are made off or do to programming.Some of the sounds are pleasant on the ears.What other noises iritate you.

    Yep cheesy,lazy unoriginal scripts is turn off for me too when it comes to tv and film scripts.I just turn it off really and do something else like read,listen to music etc.I try to watch quality films,tv programmes rather than watching tv just for the sake of it.

    Are there any tv shows from the past that you would like to see a new series off.
    Hi.What about Bob made me smile.Even though I have not seen it a few years I can still remember the story quite well.To me thats the sign of a good film.

    I dont go the cinema that often to be honest due to the price of tickets and my anxiety.I do try to get out and about for my part time job etc when I can.How about you,do you get out and about reguraly.

    I think I heard abit about Bill Murrays film on absolute radio I think.I listen to the Christian OConnel breakfast show.

    Changing writers can often affect a show in a good or a bad way.What do you think is better,a team of writers or a single or a pair of writers for a comedy show.

    One good episode was were Kryten learned to lie.Another good one is when Lister tries to pass a catering exam so he will outrank Rimmer.
    Hi.I like actors like Bill Murray that pick interesting characters to play in films and they pick a variety of movies to work in rather than being in very similar ones.Have you seen Caddshack,What about Bob.Clever Murry films I think..

    I quite like when the Kyrten character was introduced in series 2 or 3.The characters have their own distinct personalities.Its hard to maintain the quality after alot of series plus comedy is subjective anyway.What is funny one person is not funny to someone else and vise versa.

    What are some of your favourite Red Dwarf episodes
    Hi.Innerspace from memory did have good special affects.I like sci fi as well so the film ticked all the boxesI like a clever story with twists and turns without excessive violents and bad language.

    .I like Bill Murray as an actor in other films like Ghostbusters.He is a good comedy actor I think.

    I have listened to Count Authur Strong on Radio 4 extra.Its quite funny.

    Have you ever seen Red Dwarf.
    Hi.Its hard for me to pick my favourite comedy films since I have seen quite alot over the years.Films like There is something about Mary,Shrek films,Rat Race, Innerspace, Ghostbusters,Groundhog Day,Hancock,Shanghi Knights,Naked Gun films,Airplane,Escape to Madegaster,Ice age Films,some Carry on films and lots more.

    Do you like any from my list.I have seen some Ealing films like Passport to Pimilco .On radio 4 extra there are classic comedy shows like Dads Army,Hancocks half hour and a Marx brothers show. I like the rapid back and forth banter on the shows of the Marx brothers,Anthony Hancock.
    Yes.Being able to find something to make yourself smile,helps to lift the spirits.Things like comedy shows,movies,fiction with comedy elements.How about you.

    Do you have any funny jokes you would like to share.
    I perfer badger hugging.

    Do you find having a sense of humour helps you deal with life,issues etc.It helps bring more positivity into my days.
    Hi.I have not tried sighing at Barn Owls yet.Sounds fun.But I did wink at a pigeon the other day.No response from the bird though.

    How long should we keep this up.Lol.
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