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  • That's a great starting point Dying to live! However, that would be a good introduction or background for a larger story to unfold. It seems like a character to me. To elaborate on that, a character does not have to be a person, but something that injects story through setting. That would be a good setting. Where would I personally go with a background like that? Well look at some fantastic films that have quirky backgrounds, even fightclub. The narrator has insomnia, and goes to support groups for the dying in order to feel sympathy and be able to sleep. Then, from that point on the story begins. that was our catalyst. :) So yeah, I have thought about that as a backdrop/character. And yes, it's something worth pursuing. I think most people have some kind of social awkwardness, not just people with official social phobia. It's part of where society is heading. So it's something that would speak to people.
    hey matthew, about that film u were thinking, how about one about someone with SA, whose life revolves around posting in a forum.. and then the plot is he's gonna have a meetup IRL with the other forumers. well, yeah, pretty obvious, but it should be unique :)
    Same bodies, different eyes. Some see as if it is a documentary, others see it through the coloured contacts of a drama, others science fiction, some, arthouse, and occationally, horror. We all have a collection of glasses, but sometimes we feel a certain pair are most comfortable and stick to wearing them. I would like to stand on the street and sell bi-focals. But then i'm not exactly a lead-by-example salesman.
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