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  • how do you know he never gave me the other 1 :) its never been seen on here before , i think its a sign from him :) like a mark of mutual respect :) could i be next in line for the web master throne :D on your knees mermaid............ rolleyes
    1 green light and she gets all stroppy :) now what would you carry on like if i had 6 green lights :) a ban i soppose :)
    given to me by the all powerfull mod remus ... hey have you noticed iv got 2 green rep lights now , how weird is that , apparently no one has ever seen that b4
    no not a liar :eek: you just bend the truth a little :) or probably forget , its your age , you will start weeing your self soon :D .... but dispair not my little modess , adult nappies are half price at mo :D
    and here i sit in this silly little box waiting for you :mad: i soppose you will just stroll in like you own the freaking place , toss your head and say oh sorry about that i met up with a freind , and i lost my phone :) and im going to just belive all that am i :confused: .......... your in trouble little miss mod :cool:
    YouTube - ‪Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 3 [HD] TRACKLIST RELEASED !!‬‎ show us your moves pants
    um ....... knock knock gentle tap on screen milk :rolleyes: jezzzzzz i have to remind you about evreything these days :confused: pants really your memory these days , you need to leave the crack pipe alone ;)
    your problems about that are for a thread ;) want me to start one in off topic :confused: girls and going grey ...... how does a girl cope with going grey , should i buy a wig ect ect .......
    now babe i have no grey , yes grey not gray hair , it was just the one grey hair , just cos i found 1 it doesnt men that 50,000 are going to follow it :)
    once again ITS GREY jezzzzzzzzzzzz :mad: its not geay or or pink or yellow or bloody purple its freaking grey grey grey grey grey , use english my dear ;) not that yank slang stuff ..........;)
    oh there you are sweetness and light :) how lovely you look today , have you had your hair done :)
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