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    Death anxiety :(

    Amongst other issues I have this deep-rooted, crushing fear of death. I can't pin point exactly when it started but I think it was around the time that my brother died (I wrote about this in a different thread a whole ago) I was 9 years old and I remember my mom taking my sisters and I to see...
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    The Science Of Awkwardness

    I came across this interesting Vsauce video which I think highlighted a few of my issues. I'm interested to see other people's views on this, especially the part regarding oxytocin and it's affect in anxiety and the part about protagonist disease. Also, if anyone else has any links to any...
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    An epiphany

    Lately I've been on somewhat of a journey of self-realisation. I've been trying to re-visit all the places that caused me grief in the past and the things that led to me having anxiety. My first realisation is that my brother dying wasn't my fault. To cut a long story short when I was 10 my...