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  • I'm trying to get one sorted. SA has always held me back but life too short not to!!! On the plus side I have gotten alot of practise in thanks to it. What kinda music you play brah?
    I'd like to think I'm pretty musical, mainly play guitar but I mess about on piano and drums. I've been eyeing up a telecaster but I've have to keep dreaming since I don't have a grand to throw away.
    I'd love to get a bass sorted, its super cool busting out killer lines. You playing in a band?
    Wow, all sounds so similar to my situation with friends! i feel ya dude! =) oohh, do you mind if i could add you on facebook? :)
    That's the same with me too! do your friends understand about your anxiety? most of mine don't so they tend to ignore me when i'm having a bad day with it etc, which makes me feel hurt so i don't contact them for a while. Lol. =)
    Awesome, im hoping to go to stafford uni too if i ever make it that far without anxiety holding me back even more! :) how was your weekend? :)
    Aw i see. :( I feel the same i don't really see these 'friends' often. My online friends are more of a friend than they've ever been. You ever need someone to talk to you're welcome to message me. :)
    Me too! :) so bored all the time. Nahh am not too good, so many family problems at the moment and a problem with a friend. :( how about you?
    Aw lol! Yeah same here, i seem to learn half a song then give up lol! How are you?
    Oh nice. I used to play the keyboard too. I think the hardest thing i learnt was 'The Scientist' by Coldplay. lol i didn't get very far.
    Awesome! :) Yeah i'm just learning really, so at the moment pretty useless lol. Also play some tunes on the keyboard when i find the motivation. :)
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