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  • Btw, How can I go to that chat thingy ? Theres an URL they say. Maybe you can Private message me about it :)

    And I would love to stay in touch, do you guys have facebook or whatsapp or anything like that ?

    I could really get along with you, noodles, sasha, dani and zeth, I miss you guys !!


    i have an exciting day tomorrow, new intern-ship so i will be sleeping hahaha, so late.. oops. Good night !!!!
    No I couldn.t because of the travelling time to my school. I really wish I could join though! Felt sad. When would you like to organise it? I am available practically every weekend. (mostly) and I have ''Herfst holiday'' soon at 21th of october. So we can meet up that week or in the weekend , just let me know when you like to meet up ^_^

    How was the birthday anyway? I texted Dani to wish Sascha a happy birthday and wish you all fun, did she receive it ? the network is kinda crappy i guuess, phones are silly hihi!

    well, anyways, i hope you had a lovely day and i will talk to you again soon,

    you really seemed like a family to me, what a nice group of people. It's sad you will be leaving all the country, i hope i can see you again sometime :)

    hugs! good night
    Hey Australian guy!

    Thanks for inviting me to the meeting, it was wonderful :)

    greetz, saskia
    Hi there, just thought you might want to be friends. We both joined the board this month.
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