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    "And I don't know you anymore"

    Well, I suppose I haven't posted much about myself. School seriously gets to me. Never a good place to be. I mean, I like to learn, but not at my school...I HATE IT SO MUCH. Just because I go to a grammar school, the teachers think they have an easy time, and an easy time they make of it. I...
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    I am Frozen

    I am Frozen Edit: I've deleted this poem. If you want to read it, ask me.
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    I try my best to post in a topic that hasn't been answered as I know what it feels like if you're suffering and no one replies. :cry: That's what I meant about me not belonging here.
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    My-self Edit: I've deleted this poem. If you want to read it, ask me.
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    I don't belong!

    I don't belong! Wherever I go, it feels like I'm not wanted; only wanted to be used. I tried to get help, but no one got back to me - I had to follow it up myself. Now, I'm not sure what I want to do. I might be getting help by the end of this month, I don't know.
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    What If?

    What If? What if I died tonight, And no one was there, Who would stop and wonder, Would you even care? Would you feel the guilt, For not coming to my aid, Or would the memories Just slip away and fade? What if I didn't die, What would you do then Carry on ignoring, Or try to be a friend...
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    If anyone feels ignored...

    Ok, if anyone feels like they are being ignored on this forum, this is probably not the case. (Sometimes I see threads with no replies) I have felt/I am feeling ignored on another forum where I post, and they told me the same thing. I for one, don't come on here that often, and when I do, I...
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    Anyone in the UK?

    I need help. I'm very shy. I don't know what to do. Every day I go with saying just a few words. I hardly talk. I feel worthless and useless.