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    Do I have shyness or social anxiety?

    I can do normal everyday things like go to the grocery store and have a job. However, I still feel anxious around people a lot of the time. For example, when I get to the checkout I feel anxious just being around the cashier. And, at my jobs, I tend to feel extremely anxious interacting with not...
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    Do you think you'd fit in better if you lived in Japan?

    I hear people there are more reserved and shy. I don't know how true this is. It seems anywhere you go in the world, you have your mix of people, but I guess this is some cultural thing. Do you think you'd feel more comfortable there in society and fit in better?
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    What would you do?

    I'm thinking about leaving my job because I've had some bad social problems working there. Some people there view me as an *******, some weird, and some probably just unconfident. One guy even wanted to assault me. He said "I'll kick your ***" in a non-joking way. I didn't say anything mean to...
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    Starting Board Game Business

    I have been thinking about starting my own business because I'm tired of working for other people and making them richer as I do the grunt work. I want to do something I enjoy. No, something I LOVE. I know I love to use my creative energy to create something that others can enjoy. So, I have...
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    Getting More Compliments because of SA/shyness

    Anyone else notice that they get more compliments because they're shy or display SA? See, even at the job I work at, I got compliments from people like "You're awesome" and "You're beautiful" or "You're so nice." My belief is that I'm getting these because I don't talk much and have been so shy...
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    Thoughts on Otoplasty?

    We all have physical imperfections. That's true. For some of us though, they seem too 'imperfect' or noticeable to the point where it affects our confidence. I am one of these people. My ears stick out a lot. It's not like crazy a lot, but it's definitely a lot. Every time I look in the mirror I...
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    My Demonic Experience

    Before I tell you about this experience I had when I was 15-years-old, I want you to know that it is 100% true. I am not making anything up. You have my word; I don't lie. I just want to make that clear because some of you may think that this sounds too impossible to be true. Also, I'm not...
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    On average, how many words to other people do you say per day?

    I think I saw a fact that said women say 4 - 6 thousand while men are only like 2-4. Do you think women tend to be better communicators, and this is why? Also, if below 2 thousand, do you think this lack of practice is what makes you more socially anxious/shy?
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    Is it worse to try to control feelings of SA?

    Many of us try to control our feelings of social anxiety to lessen them or make them go away. For example, if we're in a social situation, we might tell ourselves things to relax us. Is it better to try to control them like this, or to let them ride out freely - to sort of just accept what...
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    Has anyone else tried to compensate for SA like this?

    Like many of you I'm sure, I've become very frustrated over SA and shyness. Every single day, I feel that I fail when it comes to socializing and connecting with others around me. Many times I just feel socially retarded not knowing how to start conversations, keep them going, or even how to...
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    Nervous About Social Event Tonight

    A girl I work with invited me to her birthday gathering tonight at a bowling alley. I feel good about getting invited. It's a good opportunity since I have no friends. At the same time, I'm obviously very nervous. Other coworkers will be there and they all know me as very shy and maybe sometimes...
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    Have this ever happened to you?

    I'm sitting in class the other day and, as the teacher is talking to the class, I have ideas coming to mind about what I'd like to say in response to what my teacher is saying. In this class, the teacher is very open about allowing people to speak their minds whenever they want. It's very...
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    Ultimate Plan to Attack Social Anxiety?

    I think I've come up with an awesome plan to attack and defeat social anxiety. I've been thinking a lot about it and what causes it. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I believe it is a learned behavior that's caused by a number of factors. Also, socializing is a learned skill that we learn...
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    Comfort Zone Crusher

    Hey guys, I came across a website that has a program designed to help you and I become more confident and care less about what others think. It's exposure therapy. Challenges, which progressively get more challenging, are aimed at getting you to not care at all what others think. For example...
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    The Key to Overcoming SA

    All of us on this site struggle with SA and most of us want to overcome it because it decreases your quality of life in a number of ways. I'm here to figure out how to overcome SA by discussing the topic with others. I'm not here to talk about anything else besides beating SA because doing so...