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  • So sorryyou are feeling so low,your letter could have been written by me or my 14 year old daughter.I just wonder if you would consider getting involved in a club of some kind like swimming,where everyone gets wet.lol. Or an outdoor activity where you can layer up clothes ( to help hide your hh). My daughter feels so low considering her future career prospects ..I'm thinking air conditioned offices or career where she can wear gloves.I hate to say but I'm a rubbish role model though cause I never socialise and avoid working.The wierdthing is though my hh has been slighly manageable during my marriage as I'm so relaxed around my husband,just shows a reduction in anxiety does help a little. Sorry to rabbit on,ha but I wish you all the best x
    Hey 'DaaaBulls',
    I read your post re your watery eyes. It struck me because its a MAJOR problem with me too. The odd thing is I'm pretty outgoing and its kind of the last thing I though I would suffer from. For about a year now I just tear up in front of people, even ones I know and am comfortable with. Its awful, is it the same for you??

    Do you have any ways of dealing with it? I'm down to the opinion that it has to be some weird anxiety based hang up...grrrrr im so over it.
    Happy to share my thoughts with you if your keen.

    I hope you get to try it. Over here we don't have health insurance, usually unless you're quite wealthy, so it's not an option for me. There's a local surgeon who I was told does botox, but he told me it's not reliable on the hands in his experience, and recommended me a sympathectomy. Yeah.. right. All I can do is carry on using glycopyrrolate solution (robinul in liquid form). Maybe if i'm lucky i'll get robinul tablets, but a doctor told me they're not prescribed unless you're dying basically. Woop.
    Yep, anxiety and depression go hand in hand with this HH. Trying to get my insurance to cover Botox, hoping something works. Soon.

    Hang in there bud.
    Same. Got the severe hand sweating to deal with (somewhat on top of it at the moment), and generally trying to get my head around life. Depression and anxiety are an ongoing thing for me. Doh.
    Thanks, my posts have been all over the place lately. Lol. I've been going through a lot of different stuff and figuring things out, so it seems at times. But this HH leaves me helpless sometimes because I can't do anything about it. I hate it. What about yourself?
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