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  • Hi.I try not to use goggle due them not paying much tax in England.I will use yahoo to have a look at New Mecico.I love areas rich in nature,rivers,lakes etc.What are some of your favourite places in New Mexico.

    It snowed here in the part of London,England were I live for the first time this winter.When I woke up there was a layer of white over everything.I dont think its cold enough for it to last long though on the ground.England has alot of rivers,trees,nature reserves,parks dispite having alot of cities,towns and people.

    Quite a few people end up with injuries doing activities like snow boarding,sking etc.They look fun but they are too dangerous for my tastes.Do you do more activities inside or outside and what are your main interests.
    Hi.I think you might have posted the message meant for me to yourself.I have done that a couple of times too.My geography is not the best plus I live far away in England so can you tell me were New Mexico is.

    All that snow sounds very cold.Luckily we have not got snow this winter in London but other parts of England have had some snow.

    Are you someone that likes the snow or not.I really dislike being cold and I would perfer to be too hot rather than too cold.Im guessing that you get hot summers though.

    Wrap up warm and how you dont get too cold.
    As a matter of fact we get hit by the winter pretty badly out here. We are expecting 5 inches of snow tonight. 8 inches up in Taos where my apartment is. :)
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