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  • i remember when my first flare ups or spikes happened to what i would call or percieve to be OCD in this case hocd .. where i found myself not being able to stop watching ppl s butts/backsides at first it was always womens own i watch then when my OCD came on strong there was this involuntary switch in watching men s butts but that was brief and i notice that happening again from time to time ... the same goes for women s groin area then i began watching men groin or crouch areas as well or does that mean i am a latent gay its 2 yrs now i have been going thru the cycles.. made progress even without SSRI well took a little of those ...CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THIS PARTICULAR HOCD or am i fooling myself that its someting else ..
    Hey, sorry I missed your message earlier. I've never seen Wrath Of The Titans, but that's an awesome quote. :)
    I have ocd maybe even PURE O. my recent problem is HOCD its exactly 2 yrs now, IRONICALLY PEDOPHILIA THOUGHTS FLARED UP SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH MY GAY THOUGHTS- websites like this have flared up my OCD last yr. i think SENSORIMOTOR-OCD is what i had as a child day dreaming excessively I have felt I Did NOT EVEN EXIST, i was an illusion. my 1st real experience of depression at age 18 made me feel like i was going crazy & it probably flared up my OCD a yr later. i had blasphemous thoughts as my 1st OCD

    HIV intrusive thoughts, fear of germs, worry over diseases & my sanity, heart attacks, any illness i read about & my fears made me feel i might be sick. I read about G.A.D. & believe when ocd subsides G.A.D takes over.FOR EXAMPLE in early feb. 2012 I was hearing music in my head also i have heard other fainter single voices, faint group voices singing it lasted for 3 weeks, i read its called AUDITORY HALLUCINATION.
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