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  • I remember seeing the animated film The road to Eldarado.Going by memory I liked it.Its hard for me to pick my favourite films since I like so many.

    There are some very good classic and older films like The African Queen,Vogage to the center of the earth,The day the earth stood still,Trading places,Brusters Millions.I do love animated films like Wallie,Shrek,Toy Story,etc.

    Which classic films do you like.
    Okay.Have you made any short animated films using that program.Its amazing the work that skilled animators can produce.Films such as the ones made by studio Ghilbri like Arriety.Films by Pixar,Dreamworks etc.I love animated films.Do you have any favourite animated films. Disney made so good animated films without the modern computer programes of today.
    Hi.Sorry for the late reply.Its easy to loose track of time.I love watching animated films like Wallie,Shrek etc.For me when Im learning something such as the guitar,it can be hard to assess if Im getting better over time or not,since Im learning normally alone and not with a music teacher.As long as the process of learning is rewarding and pleasurable then getting better is a nice bonus.At least thats what I try to keep in mind when some frustration starts to set in.

    How are you doing the animation.Are you using a computer programme or more old school techniques.
    Hi.I have not been on the site in a while.

    How is your painting and drawing going.I have ordered some new art books from amazon on John Brett and Don Breckon.Brett produces gorgeous landscapes, seascapes and Breckon paints trains in different scenes.Beutiful paintings.
    Hi Anxy.I hope we can continue chatting when you are back on the site.Hoprfully you did not take my last message personally since I was speaking generally.Reading it back maybe you thought I was being critical of you but that was not my intention.

    Anyway have a good xmas if possible and hopefully we will speak soon.
    Im not really sure how to respond to what you said in regards to people your age.To be honest there are some teens who do annoy me greatly due to them being noisy,insensity etc.That anoyance though is more to do with my issues and only partially to do with the teens.Lots of things about people in general irritate me due to them setting of my anxiety but thats not really their fault.Alot of it is caused by my sensitivity and my emotional reactions to people particuraly strangers.Self awareness and be able to understand the causes of particuraly feelings and emotions inside I think is important.

    How do you get on in class at school with your class mates and with lessons.
    Hi.Sorry.You probably did tell me in another message.Im quite sensitive about my age too.Growing older brings up issues for me in regards to things,aims etc that I have not acheived yet.

    If you dont mind telling me,what do you dislike about your age.
    Thanks.I try to find topics of conversations that interest me and the person Im speaking to.You are good also at maintaining our online chats and you respond quite quickly.With some people it can be more difficult.

    To some people my life may seem dull but thats not important to me.Its about how interesting I find my hobbies etc and adding enrichment activities to my routine.My reading,hiking,gardening,poetry,playing guitar,volunteering in a gardens,working part time in a resturant,looking at art,spending time with my brother,watching comedy and animation,reading about topics like plants,animals,science,history.All these things give me pleasure.As long you get some enjoyment out of each day then that is the main thing.

    Do you mind telling me your age and what do you like to draw.Im in my early thirties.
    Hi.I no expert on Santa but different cultures have a slightly different take on Santa Claus.There is the mainstream Santa in the West created by films,tv and magazines.Other countries call him St Nickolas,Papa Noel,Kris Kringle and other names.

    It must be odd for child actors now in their 3Os etc to see themselves in films were they are kids.Some of these actors like Drew Barramore must get anoyyed of people going on about films like ET that they did as kids.M Kullen must kept sick of the Home alone films and being asked about them.

    I dont really know much about you.What things do you do for fun and do you work.
    Its sad but the last time I was trully excited about xmas must have been as a kid.Xmas is a big deal for mainly I think for kids and people with kids.For me I do enjoy the food and xmas tv escpically to be honest.Its good your excited about it and hopefully it will live up your expectations.

    Does it not snow reguraly in Poland.I thought it did.Snow at xmas does add to the xmas atmosphere.Do you have a Polish version of santa or just the regular Chris Kringle.I wander how many kids still believe in santa clause.Im not sure I ever did believe in santa or the tooth fairy as a kid.How about you.
    Okay.If I drew I would draw animals,plants,rivers from the natural world.Do draw only animals or othet things from the natural world.

    Its Almost xmas again.I have mixed feelings about it really.I can be fun but also a stressful time.Usually the local councils put on street lights,decorations on lamp posts,trees etc.They mainly do it to encourage shoppers I think but its still nice to look at.Do you have similar things in your area.
    Hi.I dont paint and I only draw occassionly.Im more interest in looking at beautiful drawings and paintings by quality artists. Do you use pastils to draw with or standard pencils or something else.An artist called Degas used pastils to produce some beautiful colourful drawings of dancers etc.I guess etching is a form of drawing.I was reading today about how its done.Metals coated with a waxy substance thats then removed to create a drawing.That process must be a labour of love due to the hard work patience and time needed to complete.An artist called Edward Hopper produced some lovely etchings of trains,houses,people etc.

    Does drawing take alot of patience,skill etc and what do you usually draw.
    Hi.Concept art and furry art sound interesting and I will have a look at it online.Furry art sounds unusual but maybe it works well I dont know.

    Have you used different painting techniques such as washes,pastals,watercolours before.
    Okay.Whats furry art and conception art.

    Its interesting the vast range of techniques,mediums, available to create art.Washes,oils,watercolours,pastils,etc.
    I like landscapes by artists like JMW Turner,Edward Hopper,Caneletto,Thomas Cole.I like some Impressionism by artists lije Minet,Pissario.Bright large pictures
    How about you
    I try to keep my mind stimulated by reading about art,history,gardening,nature.I really enjoy growing plants like flowers,herbs and veg.
    I never said I didn't enjoy it, I just don't watch TV much, so I don't really have anything to say about it. You read a lot? Awesome! I was thinking about getting into books again. Know any good ones?
    For me, everyday is busy. I have lots of homework to do so, um, I don't really need another things to do, BUT in my spare time I sometimes draw, record videos, or just do general clean up lol.
    Okay fair enough,so I guess you did not enjoy our tv chat much.Lol.I read quite alot,listen to music ,as well as gardening and other things.What do you do to stay busy.
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