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  • If we were closer to each other living wise i would totally help you out with clubbing :)
    Hello my Dear,My Name is favour John and 25yrs .How are you doing today,Family and work,I hope fine.I found your profile in this site and i caught interest on it.Can we be friends? message at [email protected] so that we can talk well.I have something very important to discusse with you.I want us to also know each other.Your favour John
    You mean you could see yourself meeting me? That's nice of you, thanks. Yes, it's a pain isn't it.
    I'm down near Southampton. Nope, nobody to go out with. I have people from work on Facebook, two or three who I talk to online, but that's where I get stuck. Yeah, Valentine's day is always crap isn't it. It annoys me when people at work complain that they're single - I seriously doubt many of them have never, ever had anyone, like a lot of us here.
    Hi Pinker - nah not really I'm afraid. Had a good day at work on Friday but as always back to home and normality at 5pm. How are you doing? Whereabouts in the UK are you?
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