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  • That is no good. I'm sorry - dont let them all get you down. I should take my own advice eh? Take care. Email me if you want to. Be happy to listen.
    It's a lot of things. I am just no good with people. It is embarrasing to exist. It makes me feel weak and ridiculous.
    The way I feel about myself is so obvious it is just shameful and transparent.
    oh no no - I think if I get banned again it will be permanent. No no just been busy actually. Had a few things going on. Thank you for noticing you little sweetheart you. How are you doing?
    You're not a "piggy"! Hay, you're just an American. That probably sounds awful and could be taken out of context. :-/ If you were it still is about how much of a good person you are.
    Thank you. I think I now want a cute little sheep or buy a figurine of one because I know a awesome one.
    mmmm I truly am an idiot sometimes. I dont know why I put up with such crap from girls sometimes. Nasty passive aggressiveness, taking me for granted, hypocritical types. Gosh who would have thought it would be so difficult to just meet a *nice* friendly, easygoing person? It seems impossible. Oh well. It's nice to be back - it was a nice break actually, wrote the majority of my counselling theory essay up during that time so that was good.
    Thanks. I had to be put in the corner for being insubordinate. I will play by the rules, begrudgingly. Anyway - Not much to say really, maybe I will email you about it all. Lets just say she was a nasty piece of work in the end. My new philosophy to dating is to stop being treated like dirt. How are you?
    Not really, right now it seems I've no other choice except for living like this.
    I'm having an okay time, SA never makes things easy though.
    Hey, thank you, that's really sweet of you.
    Things are the same unfortunately though. I'm still having a hard time with her to the point of devoloping a roommate phobia.
    How are you?
    Yeah junk food is definitely my specialty! :D

    Oh well, we will just have to stick to our original plan of inventing our own substitute we won’t be complaining when we have a million dollar idea!
    Thanks blacksheep - havent been feeling the greatest lately. Had a weep earlier. Ok for the moment. I always appreciate the sunshine. Just wish I could get some real life sunshine occasionally.
    Hey BlackSheep, thanks for the add. :) You're definitely one of the most awesome people I really like as well.
    I'm doing okay, thanks.
    How are you?
    I've always favored the secluded life style and I have wanted to study agriculture so Alabama is another option. I’m a bit scared to meet his family. I have talked to his mum on the phone a few times and she seems friendly but I don’t know if she will like my shyness and the fact that I haven’t done a lot with my life. I’m still sort of deciding as to what to do with myself. My bf was sort of like that before we met he lived at home until he was about 30 with no job or uni and he was sort of forced to come here on a student visa and now he has a job and has done uni and now it’s my turn to go there to get my education and hopefully a good job. We are both late bloomers though and some people aren’t very favoring of that.

    Sorry for talking a lot ::eek:: you can make it even and tell me a bit about you though. What's happening in your life? :)
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