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Old 6 Days Ago

I'd say give it more time. The doc who did you your surgery is well known in the field for doing ETS. Most doctors will never tell you all the risks involved. ETS is not some minor surgery. But still, give it time and keep charting all those things you are keeping track of. You will know more as months pass. Your nerves are still adapting.
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DazedAndConfusd (6 Days Ago)
Old 6 Days Ago

LOW HR / Bradycardia "episodes" update

Okay... I've been avoiding these episodes by eating slow digesting carbs with protein at regular intervals and getting up and moving and/or exercising to warm up and get HR up.

I spoke to my parents today. I had NO idea my father's side has a history of hereditary/ familial LOW HR! I was always more worried about my moms hereditary/ familial Diabetes. Let's just say I rushed into this surgery with a possible contraindication. I seriously can't blame the surgery at this point. As far as I now know, I brought a possible preexisting condition to the surface with this procedure.

My father has experienced syncope several times due to his low HR. He's reached lows in the 30's. I start freaking out in the 50's. And feel relatively fine in the 60's. He also has high blood pressure, which as far as I know, I do not have.

So it is very important for anyone considering ETS of any kind, to know their full family history. I thought I knew it all. And I still believe, if you're athletic, and you love your huge calorie burns, make sure you'll be able to handle the 10bpm or so drop in your heart rate.

Now that I know that I'm not dying any day soon (knocked on wood), I can relax. And I have.

I'm back to enjoying my warm dry hands and the holiday season. As for the whole metabolism dilemma, only time will tell. I don't even care about compensatory sweat. It's not an issue yet. It's currently very minimal, imo. I'll continue to train and follow my diet more closely until I can get more diagnostic work and results.

On a funny note, only the heels of my feet sweat. This is why my foot sweat is reduced. But this keeps my shoes pretty dry! I love it.
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Old 6 Days Ago

Originally Posted by Sprawling View Post
I'd say give it more time. The doc who did you your surgery is well known in the field for doing ETS. Most doctors will never tell you all the risks involved. ETS is not some minor surgery. But still, give it time and keep charting all those things you are keeping track of. You will know more as months pass. Your nerves are still adapting.
Thanks for your kind words. I was actually told all this would happen. The funny thing is that I had tunnel vision. I was after those dry hands! His website is also very explicit with pictures, video and warnings. I admit scrolling past the possible complications, but even so didn't think it would apply to me. ugh

It's just scary when you are experiencing low HR for the first time in your life. You will think you are DYING.

I can seriously relax quite a bit. Knowing Low HR runs in my dad's family is not comforting, but if my dad can deal with it, I should be able to.

Today I held my parents hands for the first time... seriously I can't remember actually holding their hands ever!

My daughter shows Renaudes symptoms already at 5. I make sure to hold her little hands. I kinda did this as the guinea pig. I don't want her to be embarrassed like me. I want to protect her, but at least I know to have her thoroughly checked up if she ever wants to go this route. And with her, I'll definitely try all the products out there first!

You're right, it's no joke. It's a surgery and it does have it's side effects.
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Old 4 Days Ago

Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated! I'm really curious on updates relating to the CS.
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Old 4 Days Ago

Originally Posted by taco View Post
Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated! I'm really curious on updates relating to the CS.
No problem. I believe what we all experience from ETS depends on the individual's health and possibly preexisting or even un-diagnosed conditions.

I'm still pretty fresh from surgery and as previously mentioned, my nerves are adapting.
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Old 3 Days Ago

Yesterday, was 3 full weeks I suppose.

Yesterday was one a weird day. I was having the low HR and hypoglycemia symptoms (unofficially diagnosed by me; yet to see PCP). I skipped my Monday workout again.

Today I woke up feeling good'ish/better. I'm not going to get over excited because these weird symptoms are coming and going. That "cold" I seemed to have has seemed to go away. Post nasal drip, cough is almost gone. My back, spine, neck area was really kinked up and sore and that's much better. I was having a bizarre return of carpal tunnel syndrome in my arms with pins/needles and pain in the back of my hand and joint discomfort in the hands and throughout my body. It hasn't been occuring the past few days. I seem to have slightly better tolerance to cold weather, but admit I'm also bundling up. I'm glad I'm not so cold anymore regardless.

But yesterday I had zero motivation and felt sluggish and blah and this morning I felt the opposite. I got out of bed and got stuff done. Probably because I had to, but I didn't feel dragged down. Breathing felt a bit easier. I felt energetic and still do as I type this. So feel I have to take advantage while it's there. I feel I can probably work out today... even if the calorie burn sucks. UGH. lol Oh, will post before and after shots of my HR for workouts before and after surgery.

Also, I don't know if related, but I'm having some good sleep lately.

So immediately post surgery, I felt completely unchanged except for the dry/warm hands and whatever pain I felt in the chest was minimal. I guess it took my body a while to go through the shock of messing with it's wiring. I definitely see what people mean by it can take TIME before symptoms kick in. I do hope I can avoid those and hope I can continue to care for myself same as before with diet and exercise. But that's up in the air. I just have to continue to keep doing it. If I give up now, I'll get chubby for sure.

Let's consider myself the "athletic" guinea pig of ETS. UNLESS some of you were and you never told us what your experience was. I'm willing to keep updating. I think if I wasn't athletic or health minded, none of my symptoms would bother me. I wouldn't notice them. I'm just so fine-tuned with my body every little thing screams for my attention. If my health goes to crap fast, I'll let you all know. I was about 125lbs with approx 23%ish bodyfat *at time of surgery. My leanest I've been about 105lbs and reached about 10-11% bodyfat. I've competed in amateur figure class twice. Let's see if I can ever do it again. le SIGH.

That's all I got today. If I feel like I'm dying again (yes drama queen), I'll let you guys know.
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Old 2 Days Ago

First two shots should be BEFORE ETS and last two AFTER ETS.

Workouts are both for quads/legs. It's a significant drop in intensity which is extremely discouraging as intensity is one of the 3 main factors for making real progress in weight training.

So I sit and wonder if I screwed myself over. I did the same workout again today. I think I got close to 140bpm. Will add those shots later. I went up to 155lb squat. I seem able to do the same intensity, however, HR paints a different story.

Yesterday I felt much better and today too. I can take deep breaths without a burning sensation in my chest. It took all of three weeks. So will see how I progress from here on out.

CS during training is getting pretty sweaty in the groin. What can I say, it feels gross but it doesn't soak through. I sweat in my bra and did kinda soak thru my lumbar area. It pools between my erectors and into my crack... Lol so it be time to carry some scented wipes just in case and showers post workout will be necessary. Which I won't mind as long as I can stay fit!
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Old 1 Day Ago

I read your posts and wonder.... Not sure what I'm wondering about. I have had HH my entire life. 9 years ago I had to stop mostly all forms of intense exercise and not because of HH. It had to do with this invisible illness (so they say) that mimics what people with severe Fibromyalgia or Lyme disease suffer from. It started off slowly (at year nine now) and just kept on getting worse where I just couldn't do all the physical activities that I was used to doing. I still walk, but I always pay the price afterwards. I have about 3 hours out of the day where I can accomplish tasks. Prior to the summer I was spending those 3 hours restoring a house from the mid 60's. It's hard to compare chronic pain to chronic HH.
If I had a choice I'd choose the HH... which I already have.

My point is life sometimes throws us a curveball. I'm in my upper 50's now. I'm sure you are way younger. Weird thing is that I now weigh about the same as I did in my 20's and 30's except I've accumulated a lot of muscle tone during my working years.

You made the decision to have the surgery, you followed through with it and now just give your body time (like a year) to adjust. Sounds like things are different for you now work out wise. Just go with the flow and follow what your body is telling you and you'll adapt. You'll manage to find a way to stay fit. You have the mindset.

I believe you said you are raising a small child. Kids pick up on all of this stuff. There isn't much you can hide from a child. They know. Find your NEW workout routine that works for you now and adapt as necessary.
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DazedAndConfusd (12 Hours Ago)
Old 11 Hours Ago

Sprawling, thanks for your support during my time of wierdness

Haha I hear you! I think I had previously chosen HH over the surgery. It was weird how it came up again and I suddenly had the urgency to get it. The HH must've been pretty bad for me to forget my previous decision. Also a lot of other stuff going on in our lives and I just didn't wanna deal with the HH anymore.

But yes, I thought the low HR thing was a temporary hiccup. I still hope it is. Having familial history of LOW HR was something I just learned. It may have made a difference in my decision had I known this earlier. I'm just thinking oh shit I might need a pacemaker at a young age lol This is the point at which I'm like wtf did I do haha. yes, I have to laugh at myself and I constantly do.

Also, It's important to remember I'm just correlating a bunch of symptoms to my surgery. My additional symptoms may not even be related. I have yet to find out. Appt is on Monday. Hope I get a bunch of tests approved. My mom's side has raging diabetes and I've mentioned hypoglycemia symptoms... I also have high cholesterol... I mean I got lots of possible "comorbidities" going on here lol Look at me busting out medical terminology like a pro. All these underlying things prior to ETS, may have an affect to post ETS symptoms I'm sure.

You are correct. I feel my body is adjusting. I'm sleeping so much better. I wonder if re-wiring is occurring during sleep processes.

The thing about me is I wasn't some weekend warrior. I am a self proclaimed recreational (at the moment) bodybuilder. I've been training for about 20 years. I have a home gym with a power rack, barbells, dumbbells, plates, machines, etc... SO I'm definitely NOT giving up on that lifestyle though I'm currently worried of my metabolism. Due to fear of my artificially slowed metabolism, I have reigned in on my diet.

I didn't want to turn my thread into something that discouraged folks to get the surgery. This is my individual experience thus far. I suppose I feel like a special snowflake in the sense that I had physical, aesthetic goals when it comes to training, and for others that do the same and have HH, well, slow down and do more research or follow my thread to see what happens to me.

Most people aren't bodybuilders and don't care for that lifestyle probably wouldn't notice a slowed metabolism and none of the stuff I'm crying about would even bother them.

My surgery was a success. My ETS worked. I got exactly what I paid for in terms of killing palmar HH. It even helped my feet. I only sweat nasty when I'm training. As far as socializing, if someone wants to shake hands, I'll do it gladly and confidently. Anybody reading my posts, please understand some of the things I'm experiencing may not even apply to you. We're all different. I'm still pleased with my surgery and with the service I received. I do feel Dr. Nielsen knows what he's doing. I enjoyed talking to him about the nervous system. He would tell me in great detail how and why some people end up with Horner's or how he removed 12 clamps when doing a redo... I have back ground in the healthcare field so not only was all this fascinating to me, it actually made sense. I'm actually glad I went to him versus anybody else. I believe he is meticulous in his surgery.
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