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Old 06-29-2008

Hey, I'm a regular in the chat and for some reason I've been g-lined and banned from the server for something i didn't do.

Here's the message i get when i try to log in: "1217268043 Banned, Spam y molestias en la red (expires at Lunes, 28 de Julio de 2008 -- 20:00 +02:00)."

So can someone with authority try to get this rescinded for me? Because this is bullshit...

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Old 06-29-2008
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Try again now....

But sounds like something from the server not the chat ops.

"(expires at Lunes, 28 de Julio de 2008 -- 20:00 +02:00)"
Damn i hope that doesn't mean banned until July 28.
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Old 06-29-2008


ha, someone else is having the same problem... weird
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Old 06-29-2008

The problem has apparently been resolved... I'm in the chat now.
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Old 07-13-2008

Nevermind, fixed...
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Old 10-06-2008


I've been inexplicably banned from irc-hispano yet again... So can someone get my ban lifted?

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Old 10-06-2008
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That's weird it should ban you from the channal not the network. Hmmms. Poor Mitchy. I'm pretty sure no person banned you so it probably just has to sort itself out. It might need for your address to change which seems to happen every so often.
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Old 10-07-2008

awww (cpat) It'll be ok
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Old 10-07-2008
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i've been having problems with it too, it simplilly wont letme connect - the irc server tells that my ISP is blocked or something... and the 7 posts a day rule is hitting me...

You may try changing your IP adress - restarting you modem would do it - if you use a modem ^^
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Old 10-25-2008
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You can temporarily unblock your current IP address yourself by
  • Copying the code that appears when you connect. It looks something like "B[oMNo" and

    Then going to

    and pasting/typing that code into the box below the text "Introduce elcodigo de la G-Line"

    and then typing the 2nd code that appears as an image in the box below
    "Intoduce el valor de la imagen" in the textbox next to that image.

    Once its done it should say "G-LINE Eliminada".

Above will work until you change your IP address. This depends on how you connect to your ISP.

The real problem is the people who are running IRC-Hispano (the site that SocialPhobiaWorld uses for chat) is blocking people using a DNS blocklist. In this case it seems to be 's PBL (see ).

In fact this particular list is for IP addresses which should not be mail servers. That is almost all normal users of internet should be on this list. Its _not_ meant to be a list of known spammers. The IRC-hispano people seem to use it as a spammer block list.

ADMINS: Can you do anything about it? Like speaking to the website administrator about using another chat service? PM me if you want help.

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Old 10-26-2008
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I've gotten that G-Line message a few times too. I had to put in the code some three or four times before it went away; on top of that I had to use Internet Explorer because the page didn't even render correctly in Firefox.

The only advice I can give you is to try following the directions it gives you, or try connecting through a proxy. Beyond that there isn't anything that can really be done since this is all in IRC-Hispano's hands. I'm an op on the channel, but in order to move it off IRC-Hispano and to a different server we would need to get in contact with SPW's webmaster and get him (her?) to change the link here on the site. And I don't think any of the channel ops currently hanging around know how to get through to him/her. So we are pretty much stuck having the channel on IRC-Hispano until then.

Honestly I don't know why it was on a Spanish server to begin with, seeing as this is primarily an English website. However, we've already got the channel registered and everything, which was quite an ordeal. Perhaps the most effective course of action would be to bring the issue to IRC-Hispano's attention. And I'm sure we aren't the only ones getting blacklisted either. Their website ( would probably be the best place to try to get in touch with them... it looks like you will need to know Spanish though.
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Old 10-26-2008
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weird...I have been trying to access the chatroom for a while but all I get is the red X
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Old 10-26-2008

i always got the red x on my yahoo browser thingy. it always worked for me on internet explorer though.
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Old 10-27-2008
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just tried reinstalling Java and opening it in IE, still no luck....Does anyone have paltalk? I've created my own chatroom under Health>Other and the group name is Social Phobia if anyone ever feel like having a little chat (text or voice) you're welcome to join. you can get paltalk at
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