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Old 01-12-2007

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Old 01-12-2007
DYiNG-iNSiDE's Avatar
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this is a good topic because most of us probally never really think about the good things about our self too much. ok let me see if i can think of any for me

1) Im nice

2) Im good with little kids

3) I dont judge people

4) Im a calm person for the most part
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Old 01-12-2007
Moonie's Avatar
Advanced User

1- Good writer- I often recieved compliments, won awards, had my work read aloud in school. I always thought it was awesome. I am really good at communicating on paper, but really awful at communitating orally :evil:

2- Good student- I usually make honors/Dean's list each semester. I really work hard and put forth my best effort when it comes to school. I think this is a good point, since school can often be hard for those with SA and the like.

3- Stick to my beliefs- If I say I hate TV (and I do hate 99.2% of it) I will not mindlessly watch it, just to watch something. I hate what trashy celeb magazines communicate to people (especially women/young girls) so I refuse to buy and/or read them.

4- Reliable- If I say I will be somewhere, do something, etc., I will do it. I hate being late and I hate to break my word.

5- I don't have preconcieved notions of people- I will give everyone a chance.. No matter what they look like or how others might percieve them. If they are nice to me, I like 'em.

6- I'm strong- I am a strong woman. Just because I am not loud or in your face, it doesn't mean that I am frightened or weak or dumb or whatever else people might think of the 'quiet ones.' I am strong in a different way, an unexpected way.

7- Persistent/Patient- I would consider myself a slow learner. I had to repeat the first grade, I failed my driver's test twice before I got it, I am always slow to kick off a new semester of school, etc. But I always come through in the end. It takes time for me, maybe more than some, but when I get the job going, I do my best job.
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Old 01-12-2007
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Honest....If you ask me a question expect to get the absolute honest answer...except if your asking me about school...bla

Dependable...never let people down

Loyal..if only it would be repaid once in a while!

Positive..I have a core of positivity...does that make sense?

I'm forgiving...within limits

I can build a whole sailboat...and sail it too!

I'm open minded

I believe everyone is equal until you prove to me otherwise...good or bad.
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Old 01-12-2007
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Errm... *Thinks hard* I don't think I do love anything about myself. :?


I'm glad I'm not entirely stupid and without any form of intelligence. (Though I feel like I am a lot of the time. :? )

I'm a good listener.

I'm loyal.
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Old 01-12-2007
Maarten's Avatar
Newbie User


Very forgiving

I am good at playing the guitar

I am good at thinking about philosophical questions.
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Old 01-12-2007
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Old 01-12-2007
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i love myself just because. and especially because i am:

1) smart

2) sensitive

3) honest (to myself, at least)

4) good in writing (i am talented. that's a fact. but i know i should work on it more.)

5) undestroyable (falling every day, but i always manage to get up and move on)

6) optimistic
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Old 01-12-2007
LittleMissMuffet's Avatar
Advanced User

I wanted to point out that a few of you mention your talent at writing, art, philosophy, cooking, music, academics ....these are all the finer things in life. And so far, people seem to have strong creative abilities. Anxiety runs in my family and the side of my family that had it were all also talented at art, and one was an exceptionally good dentist, with a great eye for detail and fine work.

They say that adults with anxiety issues were children with great imaginations.

I am talented at painting and drawing, and I've decided to go with this; since I feel like it is what I am best at (and because of SA, it is probably my best chance of making a career -funnily enough!!!!! )

The other things I like or love about my self are:

1. my independence of mind and the fact that I like to think and ponder things on my own;

2. I find a real enjoyment and appreciation in nature, food, beautiful things and (when I'm in my element) I like thinking about people;

3. I'm generally creative, being good at decorating a room, inventing ideas, stories;

4. I also have an appreciation of my own individual style of look;

5. and I'm fairly straight forward and honest with people.

Translation of above.....
1. I'm a stubborn cow who thinks way too much (especially about herself) and needs to learn how to not examine everything and just take things as they are

2. I'm a lazy bum who doesn't like working and would much rather day dream away

3. I'm arty farty and was a majorly gay man in a past life

4. I'm quite vain, consider my self a sex-pot femme fatale ...the kind of girl that loudly serenades herself with Bon Jovi's "Always" (you know, the bit where he yells: "I really love you ....and I'll be there -forever and a day!! ...always!" I did the other day when I was in my car)

5. I come across as innocent and naive, and often use this image to my advantage

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Old 01-12-2007

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Old 01-12-2007

Originally Posted by cutefluffykitten
today i like nothing about me at all
awww cutefluffy...sorry you're feeling bummed out...let me do this one for you? you're have a good sense of get up and try to battle this anxiety crap every're an awesome mom to your kids
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Old 01-12-2007
red_reagel's Avatar
Newbie User

1. I get along well with others (as long as they're nice to me too)

2. I'm a good imitator (I can do David Bowie, Disney show tunes, Judy Garland, but you probably won't believe me unless you hear for yourselves).

3.I can draw nice anime-like pictures. And I'm a decent painter

4. I'm loyal and respectful

5. I don't make others feel awkward (because I know what's it's like).

6.I'm independent (I rather work by myself and do things for myself than work in a group)

7.I can make buildings/houses out of paper

8.I can write pretty decent poems.
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Old 01-13-2007

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Old 01-13-2007
Higolo's Avatar
Newbie User

- I've a good sense of humour.

- I'm kind and caring.

- I don't like upsetting others unless they piss me off first.

... And that is it.
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Old 01-13-2007

I sometimes seriously think, compared to the people around me, i am the nicest person on earth. I wish i met someone as nice as me :/
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Old 01-13-2007

Oh jeeze welll:

-- I am a good writer/creative

-- I am very compassionate, supportive and a good listener

-- I am strong (physically, and I'd like to think emotionally)

-- I get along with mostly everybody

-- I am honest and loyal
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Old 01-14-2007
mrscasablancas's Avatar
Newbie User

Shit, that's a hard one! Ummm, well...

a. I'm one of the most loyal, caring people you could ever meet
b. my hair, I guess..
c. I'm trustworthy and a great friend!
d. I'm a hard worker
e. my taste in music lol

That's bout all, for now...
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Old 01-15-2007

Originally Posted by cutefluffykitten
Originally Posted by maggie
Originally Posted by cutefluffykitten
today i like nothing about me at all
awww cutefluffy...sorry you're feeling bummed out...let me do this one for you? you're have a good sense of get up and try to battle this anxiety crap every're an awesome mom to your kids

:cry: God Bless You for that.....thanks maggie.....touched my heart have no idea how much it helped me to hear you say that

My angel
you're welcome...and hugs to you
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Old 09-07-2012

creative, kind, clean, optimistic, funny, drug free.
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Old 09-07-2012
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I don't 'love' anything about myself. Why would I? There is absolutely nothing remarkable about me whatsoever...
I just respect myself for being who I am, imperfections and all.
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