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Old 05-13-2013

Hello everyone!

So i have hyperhidrosis on my armpits, hands, and feet. But just recently i have noticed that the back of my legs or thighs have developed it also. I am not overweight. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me hypercare. Hypercare only works on my armpits but no where else. Now that my armpits aren't a problem my hands, feet, and back of my thighs still sweat. I want to try robinul but am worried about the side effects. i hear you some of the side effects are dry mouth, throat, and sinuses. i already suffer from allergies which gives me sinus congestion so i am worried how server it can get. anyways should i ask my doctor for robinul? i have read so many life changing stories about it and would love to hear your experience with this pill. I want to try iontophoresis also but can not afford it ( i am to scared to build my own) so please share any treatments that have helped cure or control your hyperhidrosis (especially if it helped your hands).

Thanks in advance!
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Old 05-14-2013

Hi and welcome to the forum. Do a little searching and you will find tons of information on these treatments that have been posted here on the forum already.
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Old 05-15-2013
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Hi Ariana & welcome. There are a few minor side effects from using Robinul or Advert. For me it was mainly dry mouth and a slight loss of taste while taking them. If you would like to try oral glyco you can order Advert (glycopyrrolate) pills (same as Robinul) without a doctors prescription online from

I would also recommend the Secure (glycopyrrolate) Wipes to apply topically to the areas that are most affected. You can also order them without a prescription at This along with the Advert pills has helped my HH significantly.

Wishing you the best and remember that you are not alone.
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Old 05-15-2013

I cured mine up to about 90%. Treatment is very time consuming and it get's painful. Honestly, I work outdoors and never have much hand contact and I'm single so I might stop for a while. Anyway, the following almost eliminated my HH.

4mg of magnesium in the morning (very cheap and available at any grocery store. I don't know if it helps but supposedly it reduces sweating and cools your body)

Sage tea at night (Same as the above. It's cheap and it doesn't hurt)

Iontophoresis 3x a week on max setting, 45 minutes each time. Very painful. I bought the Drionic. It was $150 and it's cheaply made, but I can't afford anything else.

Drisol (almuminum chloride 20% from It's pricey, but this is the main thing in my arsenal. I use it once or twice a week with gloves on at night. I used it every night for 3 weeks and my hands became so dry they were almost skeletal. It's too expensive to use every night unless you can get a prescription.

Avert - max dosage (glycopyrolate from I'd take these occasionally just to add to everything else. It's expensive and it works, but it gives me some photosensitivity and dry mouth.

If you do all these things, it will more than likely greatly reduce your symptoms. It is expensive, time consuming, annoying, and the ionto is painful though. All of these things are available on the internet, with no prescription required. This is only what works for me.

I'd recommend only treating your hands. You save resources, and you can cover your feet with shoes. Also, when the hands are dry, the feet are much less sweaty for some reason. Best of luck! It's all a pain in the *** and takes lots of trial and error. Everything I've seen seems pretty safe, except I would avoid ETS at all costs. I'm an idiot, and I managed to find a (somewhat) cure, so I'm sure you'll do great!
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Old 05-15-2013

Also, I try to exercise a lot, and drink plenty of water. I don't know if this has any direct affect, but it certainly doesn't hurt. I've been tested from top to bottom by dermatologists, and my regular doctor and I don't know the cause of mine. Is yours genetic? Mine doesn't seem to be.
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Old 05-15-2013

I use a combination quite similar to corranhorn. But I suffer from sweating on my face, back and the rest of the body too. My face is the main problem though.

I drink sage tea daily.
I apply Drysol to the face about twice a week at night.
I also apply Klima to the face daily.
I take Avert pills on hot/humid days.
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Old 05-15-2013

Thanks for the welcome guys!

@hyp-hi - i am definitely checking other forums. I am so glad this website exists!

@HHDisturbed- Thank you for the suggestion, I will check out that online pharmacy.

@corranhorn- Thank you for going into detail i really appreciate it. I am probably gonna follow your guidelines. I am going into my second year of college and taking exams, shaking hands sucks so after my first year i decided i was going to do something about it. Hopefully these suggestions work for me.

@sean_turner- Thanks for sharing your routine! I can relate with you on suffering sweat on the rest of your body because when i started college the back of my legs started sweating its really weird but now that i am on summer break from college it has stopped. Hyperhidrosis is definitely a mysterious condition.
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Old 05-17-2013

Ariana, college is tough. Some things I did to minimize hh.... I always carried a cold water bottle. That way, I had an excuse to dry my hands if I had to shake them. I also wore a hat. In a class, I'd take my hat off and put it on me knee. I'd then put my hands on top of the hat and make a natural resting pose. The hat would soak up a lot of sweat. I also had other little things I did. I know it sounds psychotic, but it kept my kind busy and some of it was practical.
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Old 05-17-2013
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Clever ideas Corranhorn. It's kinda funny the things we all do to try to hide our disorder. Unfortunately all my excessive sweating is from the neck up. This makes it hard to hide when you are sitting in a restaurant and in a matter of minutes it looks like someone poured a glass of water over your head. When this happens I will excuse myself, go to the restroom, splash cold water on my face and spend about 5 mins toweling off. How embarrassing.

My wife is so understanding to my plight. When we are seated she knows I want the seat that faces a wall or away from the majority of the restaurant. Thats my trick and it helps me feel less anxietal in those situations.
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