you have to do it


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You have to take the plunge

You have to forget what you used to be, what you might possibly be, what you currently are, because those are just stories you have told yourself.

You have to be vigilant. You have to stay on top of your intrustive thoughts.

Getting better won't erase your personality, sap your creativity, or kill your artistic nature.

Meditation will work, eventually.

You won't become a preppy, money-grubbing douchebag.

All-or-nothing thinking.

You don't need to brainwash yourself to get better. You have already brainwashed yourself with all of this stinkin' thinkin'. You need to UNbrainwash yourself.

People aren't inherently stupid, mean or judgmental. We have constructed that defense in response to our fears, like a child who "hates reading" because he doesn't know how to read.

We have done a number on ourselves, and each other.

If you met someone who was exactly like you in every way, it would be incredibly boring.

There is more to life than being happy all the time.

The happiest people are the ones who don't mind being unhappy.

There is no book out there that will save your life, but the ones that helped me the most are as follows...

"Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong"

"The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying"

"Zen: Merging of East and West"

"Healing Back Pain" (it's about more than just back pain)

For what it's worth...

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There's often a lot of negativity in forums centered around anxiety, so to see a post like this is a breath of fresh air. Inspiring Mike!


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