Yet to be diagnosed.


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Here goes.
I'm 16 (barely). I'm a girl, not that that matters. I've been off school for about two years, because I developed Crohn's disease. Stress is a cause of Crohn's, and I think I might have SA, (or avoidant personality disorder or one of those) which would be an obvious cause of stress.
I looked on plenty of sites, and I have a lot of the symptoms, even obscure things like not being able to use a telephone. Which makes me feel really stupid, so I never told anyone about it.
I was so relieved when I found out I wasn't the only person with these problems, I felt like crying.
I told my mum I think I might have SA. I hope it didn't upset her.
Anyway, next time I go to see my Crohn's specialist (in less that a week), I'm going to ask her if I could have a psychological assessment.

Does anyone have any advice? I took a self-test and printed it out. Maybe that'll make the appointment shorter.
Thanks for reading. Or scrolling down to the end part here. :oops:


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Hi Crimefish,

I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't really know how to advise you as I don't know what Crohn's is or what the situation is, but just to reassure you that this post hasn't gone unnoticed!

Take care now.


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Thanks. Crohn's is an inflammatory bowel disease. Sounds nice, huh?
Its nothing to do with mental illness, so I didn't say anything about it... that's all.


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Hi Crimefish and Frozen_in_Time!

Well, I'm glad that you don't feel so alone. I have found a lot of encouragement and support here. I'm hoping that you will find it too.

Oh, I also wanted to ask you....Crimefish is such an unusual name. How did you come up with it.


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Thanks, Orl. I got my screenname from the cartoon 'Sharky and George'.
The theme song went "Sharky and George, the crime busters of the sea, Sharky and George, they'll solve any mystery".
'Cause they're... crime fish.
It was taken off the air about ten years before I used it.
So to answer your question, I don't know.


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Hi crimefish (BTW, Love the name. Sharkey and George was brilliant, they need to show it again)

Sorry to hear about the Crohn's disease. From what I've head about it thats got to suck!

I diagnosed myself with SA a couple of months back and got it confirmed by a doctor so if you feel you do have it or avoidant personality then go for it! If it is one of those two then at least you can get help instead of letting it stay there. Tell them what you feel you may have and things should go from there.

Wish you the best

Smile xXx


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I would ask your Dr the next time you see them, to get diagnosed. The earlier you get diagnosed with social anxiety and get treatment for it the better it is. I have been shy and introverted of over 23 years, lifes too short to waste it living alone and in isolation. I only wish I knew what was wrong with me years ago, then I might have a happier life now but day will come eventually.


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Hi Crimefish
I can definately relate the the bowel trouble. I have IBS (irratable bowel syndrome) it completely sucks and im trying to control it with diet but its not working. Im 100% sure its related to my SA because I have been monitoring and recording when the symptoms happen for a few years. Its pretty painful too sometimes isnt it? Its such a good idea to get diagnosed with SA at your age (I wish I did), good luck and let us know how it goes with your specialist.