which type of peanut butter do you prefer?

what type of peanut butter do you prefer?

  • crunchy

    Votes: 18 38.3%
  • creamy

    Votes: 20 42.6%
  • nutella

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • i'm allergic to nuts

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • No more polls please :'(

    Votes: 2 4.3%

  • Total voters

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I definitely like CRUNCHY. creamy is ok too, I eat it on occasion, but crunchy is definitely my favorite.. :)

If peanut butter sticks to the top of my mouth when I'm trying to say something, it contributes to my anxiety in social settings.
That's interesting... that's actually a phobia, fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.